Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New year!

Just want to wish all my readers and anyone who should happen to stop by a Happy New Year. Tonight just at home with my mom, going to open the champagne at midnight (central time) and watch some movies.

I've got a copule of blog posts in mind which I hope to do sometime soon. Right now just enjoying my vacation, but I go back to work at the college next week. (Only Monday-Thursday.. can' only work so many hours anyway, and I still want my three day weekend! :) )

This year I hope to lose weight, get my own place, figure out school for next year whether I go up to McKendree like I'd like to, or wait another year and find more ways to get money for the school, and hope to find love.

Oh, and have more BSC centered posts!

Anyway, happy new years everyone! Make 2009 great! :)

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