Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New year!

Just want to wish all my readers and anyone who should happen to stop by a Happy New Year. Tonight just at home with my mom, going to open the champagne at midnight (central time) and watch some movies.

I've got a copule of blog posts in mind which I hope to do sometime soon. Right now just enjoying my vacation, but I go back to work at the college next week. (Only Monday-Thursday.. can' only work so many hours anyway, and I still want my three day weekend! :) )

This year I hope to lose weight, get my own place, figure out school for next year whether I go up to McKendree like I'd like to, or wait another year and find more ways to get money for the school, and hope to find love.

Oh, and have more BSC centered posts!

Anyway, happy new years everyone! Make 2009 great! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

OT Happiness that I just feel like sharing


I swore I was going to get a C in Music Lit because for some reason I did a Claudia and just DID NOT test well. Well I got an A on my research paper (because unlike Claudia writing has always been one of my strong suits even though I sometimes go too fast and don't proofread, for example...I look back on some of the blogs I've posted and wince because of the grammar and spelling mistakes.)
i got an A on my piano performance final of Chopin's Prelude in E minor. Last time I tried to play it I'm sure Chopin rolled over in his grade when he heard it.
A in Music Theory and Sight Singing and Ear Training.
I probably overall got a B in piano... because most of the performance grades were B's, but that's okay. I got an A on the performance final and for me that's enough. I'm 100% the rest of the grades were A because it was Voice Lessons and choir, and those are very hard to get less than an A in if you do every concert/performance imaginable.

I just feel like sharing this to the world, because I'm just relieved I can breathe for a few weeks!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

April Fools joke on Scholastic?

Some of the members on the BSC Proboards (link on the left) have been talking about filling out those forms that are in the back of the books for all those contests that the people from Scholastic had and sending them to the publishers as a big April Fool's Joke. We've pretty much agreed that we want it to be as widespread as possible.

Will send more information along as it becomes more developed :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

*Sighing happily*

Snowbound always made me go "wtf" because the BSC weren't that excited about the prospect of snow, when it obviously meant NO SCHOOL if there was enough.

Right now I'm sitting on my bed in South Texas (on the gulf of Mexico, near in the Galveston area) loking out into a night that's covered in whiteness. Living down here I definitely appreciate snow more, because we NEVER GET IT.

Okay, that's an exaggeration. The last time it snowed was on Christmas Day 2004. The time it snowed before that? At least ten years.

I smelled it in the air this afternoon while waiting to go home from school. There was precipitation that definitely wasn't rain. It was sleet, and my hopes for snow were rising.

Growing up in St. Louis, the kids in my neighborhood and I organized snowball fights when it snowed, running around the neighborhood hiding on the little "islands" and attacking each other with balls of the white stuff. I loved snow then, and loved a day off from school. One year we got so much snow that the school district used up all their snow days that they had set aside and had to add on extra days at the end of the year. We didn't get out until Mid June. (That was also the year that they decided to start school in August, so we got a VERY short summer vacation that year)

It baffled me that at the ripe old age of thirteen that the bsc wasn't interested in snow... they seemed more like adults and the snow was more like a nuisance than something to enjoy. You would think especially Claudia who hated school would be thrilled at the idea of a snow day.

of course this was all before the blizzard actually hit..

Snow is such a rarity down here, that people definitely get excited about it. My boss told me that she regretted not letting her kids play in the snow Christmas morning. Now she'll have the chance to let them play in it a little bit before they go to school the next morning. It's not a blizzard by any means, but there are big white flakes, and the deck is covered with snow. If i can manage to scrounge up my mini crappy camera I'll try and get a picture of it tomorrow morning. It should still be cold enough.

I'm on a roll with blog posts this week. Next one though I'm going to try and stick more to the bsc than not helplessly trying to tie my own life to the books :D

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I felt like Kristy today

Seriously. Here I am at school, I'm wearing a nice black top and a white and black skirt, pantyhose, and black dress flats.

It's my only skirt... and I bought the pantyhose two days ago. (along with the top)

I like dressing up every now and then, (and looking cute) but I would rather have had to do the recital (music majors have an opportunity to participate in a recital in December) in a pair of jeans and a nice top. (I do have some cute tops)..but I felt I'd better look presentable and not make a fool out of myself by dressing too shabby.

So now I get to wear this... all day long... and tonight? I get to change into a black dress because we have a choir concert.

At least these shoes are comfortable. There was no way I was going to wear my black heels, no matter how cute they are, all day long.

Oh Kristy how I sympathise with you with not wanting to wear dresses and skirts and all that frou frou stuff. Every now and then is fine, but I'd still rather have worn jeans to school, change into this outfit, and then change back into the jeans... but that's just too much stuff to pack.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something that I always found odd.

Especially now that I Actually WEAR glasses.

Ms. Colman always put her glasses wearers up from so that they could see the board better. With their glasses shouldn't they have been able to see as well as a person who has 20/20 vision? Or even better in some cases, because I knew my eyesight was dwindling for a long time before I actually knew i needed glasses, and was having to sit up front just so I could see better. I'm thrilled now that I DON'T have to sit up front, because the glasses make everything so clearer, and I can see the board from wayyyyyyy in the back row now.

Seriously... I never really got why she made it a that rule the glasses wearers had to sit up front.

Maybe I'm just overthinking it.

anyway, OT, but here's a picture of me with my glasses... the quality sucks, I know...but oh well. I feel about 20 IQ points smarter in them.

Friday, December 5, 2008

How the Heck did the BSC do it?

I was having one of my random thought wanderings... and my mind drifted back to when I was seventeen.

I had to drop out of the musical that year because I was a Claudia and my grades stank, and I couldn't be in the musical... or have anything to do with it. (It was South Pacific). I found a way around that. They had cast 9 elementary school kids in the show (two as the main kids, and 7 other little girls that were done one little in one scene.) They needed some people to keep an eye on all of them during the show.

Well, I talked to the director, and she said she wanted me at the rehearsals. Okay all fine and dandy.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I had some help... mainly another girl that was in the cast...the problem with that? SHE WAS IN THE CAST. She oculd help out when she wasn't onstage, but when she was onstage, it was me and mainly seven kids ranging from the age of a very very hyper 7 year old second grader (she was extremely cute though), to 10 and 11 year old fifth graders. (This is scary thinking that Mallory and Jessi were that age.)

One of the fifth graders, named Mandy, absolutely HATED me. I was usually good with kids... I'd helped out at my niece's 6th birthday party and had a ball with all of them. I kind of liked to think of myself as just a big kid... but at times some of them made me want to rip my hair out. Especially Mandy, and the girl that was the main little girl... they just didn't want to listen to what I said.

Then there was another girl, who seemed just seemed to be off in her own little world and took playing cards up onstage with her during their scene. (I totally missed that). She wasn't snooty as some of the other ones...just... weird.
She was one of the fifth graders.

There were some perks, though. Most of the kids were good. The little boy was shy, but well behaved. Megan (the seven year old) was just absolutely adorable, though at times you wanted to smack her so she would calm down... but she was just hyper, not a bad kid, and two fourth grade girls, and one of the fifth graders actually managed to keep me from going completely insane, and I think even sympathized with me on the way some of the others were acting.

Looking back on it now, I really wish I'd had some mega BSC help. When the other cast members stepped in to help, they listened to them and calmed down leaving me thinking "well geez." It shouldn't have been too bad... keeping an eye on them, making sure they were in their places, helping get them ready to get onstage... but Mary Anne had way more control over the kids in Peter Pan (and there were MORE of them!) than I had over the 9 kids in South Pacific.

In the end it was worth it, but they wore me out... but Jasmine (one of the fourth graders) told me she loved me...which really sweet.

I can't believe it's been almost eight years. They're all teenagers now. Yikes. Some of them have graduated from high school.

I'm getting way too old.