Saturday, May 31, 2008

French BSC books

So I was bored and looking around on Greer's old Stoneybrookite site, and found a link to another site that was about the French books, complete with some book covers. The covers are drastically diferent from the US and UK covers, and some of the translations are interesting.

L'idée géniale de Kristy or L' idea brilliant the Kristy

Stacey (Lucy in the French Books) is saying Super, idea of Kristy. Quickly come to join us
I think Mary Anne is in braids and jeans... and Kristy is in a skirt and headband...while that correlates with her on the first BSC cover for the US... Mary Anne in jeans? Only reason i'm 100% sure it's her is because of her on the cover of the 4th book...

#4 Pas de Panique Mary-Anne! = Don't Panic, Mary-Anne!

Mary Anne is saying: One will remain always friendly. same s' it us arrie to annoy us!

#7 Claudia a des ennuis = Claudia Has Troubles

Claudia : I m' in want really d' to have been so malicious…
(sorry about some of the translations, i'm not able to do all the accents on my keyboard, and not able to copy and paste the writing on the cover).

#8 Lucy est amoureuse = Lucy is in love

Actually the literal translation of Stacey/Lucy didn't come out so good, something about she would never have hopes of encountering another boy as cute... I think

That's all the patience i have for right now. Will do more later maybe :)

Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm a big fan of The L Word on showtime, and I managed to find the Season 1 DVD set for $16 a few months ago. Last night I was watching the last couple of episodes that have the death of Dana's cat Mr. Piddles.

I love my cats, but Dana took her love of Mr. Piddles to the extreme...but I can't reallly fault her. When I had pets that died I was absolutely devastated.

I got to thinking of Mary Anne and Tigger, and I can just see her having an actual funeral when he dies, complete with a coffin to put him in.

I think the BSC books were very realistic on how they portrayed the loss of the dear pets. (those that we actually experienced that is.) Kristy and the Snobs is particularly heartwrenching and brings me back to when our dog Belle was poisoned with antifreeze a few years ago. I can never get through that book without crying. In Karen's goldfish I can also understand how Karen is so upset when Crystal Light dies... It's easy to get attached to a pet, even one as small as a goldfish.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick Comment before I sign out

I haven't been able to find a place where I can link other sites on blogspot yet. If anyone is interested, I've been thinking that every once in awhile I could do a "spotlight" on a different blog site or fan site. Mainly Baby-Sitters Club centered, (or other YA books) but I know that a bunch of fans are setting up blogs.

If you have a site or blog, just comment this or email me at Just an idea, because I know some of the other sites I read have my link on theirs already (thanks!) and would like to somehow return the favor. I won't do it unless I hear from the blogger or whomever themself.

Note: this doesn't include community sites like the BSC Live Journal and BSC Probards where anyone can sign up and post messages. Just for those that are exclusively run by one person. :)

Also, I'm open for suggestions on changing the site name. Do you think the name should stay? To be honest, it was the only thing I could think of, and I'm terribly uncreative at things like this. Also didn't want to have a similar name. SMS cafeteria will stay for now, but if anyone has an idea of a better name BSC centered, I'm open to suggestions.


Okay thanks to Cheryl (Karen Brewer) I got links up on the side... however I'll still do the spotlight or whatever if anyone wants. :)

It all began with....

I dont really feel like summarizing the book, because... I just dont have the patience to pull up the ebook and go through it. (not to mention I don't think I could do as good of a job as others...either in being snarky, or being nice)

However, for this first "book" blog, let's take a look at the two different covers.

Let's take a look at the original cover.

Kristy's Great Idea.

Clockwise from top left we have Stacey, looking ever so chic in a sweater and black and white plaid leggings. I swear I had a pair of stirrup pants that looked exactly like that. Her hair is about the closest we'll ever see of her sporting a perm on a cover (that and the original cover of the third book). She also looks freakishly like I did at age 10. (which i think in part was me totally channeling her)


Next we have Mary Anne. I actually think she looks rather cute... if not about age 7. However, since she's supposed to be short and dressing like a little kid, that's acceptable. I think that attire is cute...not something I would wear, or ever would have worn, but cute nonetheless.

Next, looking right at Stacey, we have Kristy, who is *gasp* wearing a jumper. (that's a dress for you UK folks). And a headband. Is it just me or does it seem odd that Kristy wears a DRESS on the cover of her first two books? (original cover mind you) Her uniform became part of her character later on. Theese are supposed to be her school clothes, however, 8th grade Kristy wouldn't have been caught dead in that ensemble.

On the floor we've got Claudia Her suspender pants match the floor. Is it the artist in her arranging herself so that she blends in with the carpet? Along with those shoes? and Socks? I dont really see Claudia matching like that. She likes lots of colora and flare. The only Asian thing about her that i can see is also the color of her hair.

The room itself also looks really plain. Where are all the paintings? mess? junk? There is just a notebook pen and phone on the floor. (That is the phone that I always envisioned whne I thought of Claudia's private phone... there will never be another phone in my mind).

Despite all the nitpickiness... I love this cover. It's plain and simple, but in a good way. It brings back the nostalgia factor of the books... the 80's... my childhood... and brings a little tear to my eye. Seriously. I'm way too emotional.

The updated cover lost any nostalgia that the original cover had.

The only thing similar to the original cover is that Claudia's outfit matches the floor...again. And Stacey and Kristy are looking at each other...again.
The girls look about as old as I am, (24) where the girls on the original cover actually look closer to 12.

Somehow I dont see Claudia being pink frilly type. I see that more as Stacey's style. Claudia seems more of a red yellow black blue...well... a rainbow of colors.
Mary Anne's skirt is freakishly short making you wonder what her father was thinking when he let her out of the house. I wouldn't wear a skirt that short even if I had the body.

Kristy is back in her uniform...which in the book there is absolutely no mention of. In the book we're given the idea that Kristy is a tomboy... who wears jumpers to school.

I'm loving Stacey's outfit... that would totally be something I would like to wear... if I had the imagination to pick it out, which sadly I dont.. but I still love it. (I'm probably in the minority that i like most of Claudia's and Stacey's outfits... even though the jumpsuit was a bit much to handle in book #24 after I saw what one actually looked like)

Claudia's room is more artistically decorated. A bit more messy, a bit more clutter... but you can still see the floor. Is that a bowl of popcorn on the floor? it's making me hungry even though it's fake.

I much prefer the orignal cover. I guess mainly because it's the cover I grew up with... and when the new covers came out I wasn't crazy about them. The only one i preferred to the original was The Truth about Stacey. (of the first few books anyway). The girls look their age... and again, it's mainly the nostalgia factor.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stoneybrook... where kids of every age play together.

Hello to first "official" post.
Anyway, late at night my mind kind of wanders, and I'll ponder about things that some people might find odd. Hey, I'm an odd kind of gal. Anyway, there has been some discussion here and there on the BSC proboards and elsewhere that it's odd that all the kids of Stoneybrook seemed to play together nicely regardless of age. For me, that never came across as strange... and last night, in my mind, I kind of compared the neighborhood where I grew up as kind of a Mini Stoneybrook.
We had the kids that went to public elementary school about mile up the road(myself included), the kids that went to the private school across the street from the subdivision (k-8 catholic school, though the kindergarden was added when I was about in sixth grade), In my little part of the street, where there were about 12 kids, most of the kids went to the catholic school.
For the most part we all got along and played together with everyone in the subdivision. I often played with kids taht were as much as four years younger than me, however they were mostly the younger siblings of some of those that were closer in age. We'd play hide and seek on the "islands" that were at various points in the subdivision (which consisted of 2 main streets and one small court), play capture the flag, have snowball fights, and play in the woods that were on the outer edges.
Our subdivision was even equipped with two very doting baby-sitters that had DAY CAMPS for the kids that baby-sat for. Looking back now I wonder if they had read the BSC, this was in the early 90's. What two teenagers were really that doting on their charges unless they read the BSC or are Ann M. Martin? They were awesome though.

For me, it was never an issue with all the kids playing together. That's how it was in my neighborhood. Reading the BSC nowadawys kind of brings back that nostalgia factor of when I was growing up. Can anyone else identify with this?


Hi everyone, a brief introduction. My name is Donica, and I'm a 24 year old living in Texas at the moment. I am a music major (emphasis vocal performance) at College of the Mainland in Texas City. Whether or not I have my Associate of Arts Degree at the end of Spring Semester 09' or not, I plan on transferring the following fall to larger college/university. I haven't decided where yet, but i would like it to be kind of close to St. Louis, Missouri, where I was born and raised.

The purpose of this blog? To follow in the footsteps of those in the Baby-Sitters club fandom before me. I haven't decided what this blog will be about yet. I might do summaries of books like some of my fellow members on the BSC probards, or talk about how the books have influenced me, or connections I see in pop culture. This will be nothing noone hasn't already seen before, but I can't get enough of reading BSC blogs, no matter what the content, I enjoy them all, so I hope to add my own flavor. What that will be, I don't know yet.

I hope that once this gets underway, people will enjoy reading this. The only blogging I've ever done is on my myspace, so this should be interesting.

Enjoy! :-)