Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm a big fan of The L Word on showtime, and I managed to find the Season 1 DVD set for $16 a few months ago. Last night I was watching the last couple of episodes that have the death of Dana's cat Mr. Piddles.

I love my cats, but Dana took her love of Mr. Piddles to the extreme...but I can't reallly fault her. When I had pets that died I was absolutely devastated.

I got to thinking of Mary Anne and Tigger, and I can just see her having an actual funeral when he dies, complete with a coffin to put him in.

I think the BSC books were very realistic on how they portrayed the loss of the dear pets. (those that we actually experienced that is.) Kristy and the Snobs is particularly heartwrenching and brings me back to when our dog Belle was poisoned with antifreeze a few years ago. I can never get through that book without crying. In Karen's goldfish I can also understand how Karen is so upset when Crystal Light dies... It's easy to get attached to a pet, even one as small as a goldfish.


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