Saturday, May 31, 2008

French BSC books

So I was bored and looking around on Greer's old Stoneybrookite site, and found a link to another site that was about the French books, complete with some book covers. The covers are drastically diferent from the US and UK covers, and some of the translations are interesting.

L'idée géniale de Kristy or L' idea brilliant the Kristy

Stacey (Lucy in the French Books) is saying Super, idea of Kristy. Quickly come to join us
I think Mary Anne is in braids and jeans... and Kristy is in a skirt and headband...while that correlates with her on the first BSC cover for the US... Mary Anne in jeans? Only reason i'm 100% sure it's her is because of her on the cover of the 4th book...

#4 Pas de Panique Mary-Anne! = Don't Panic, Mary-Anne!

Mary Anne is saying: One will remain always friendly. same s' it us arrie to annoy us!

#7 Claudia a des ennuis = Claudia Has Troubles

Claudia : I m' in want really d' to have been so malicious…
(sorry about some of the translations, i'm not able to do all the accents on my keyboard, and not able to copy and paste the writing on the cover).

#8 Lucy est amoureuse = Lucy is in love

Actually the literal translation of Stacey/Lucy didn't come out so good, something about she would never have hopes of encountering another boy as cute... I think

That's all the patience i have for right now. Will do more later maybe :)


MIUMIU said...

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Karen Brewer said...

My personal favorite is "Don't panic, Mary Anne!" Hilarious.

Donica said...

Lol #15 translates into Carla's Revenge (or Dawn's Revenge)