Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stoneybrook... where kids of every age play together.

Hello to first "official" post.
Anyway, late at night my mind kind of wanders, and I'll ponder about things that some people might find odd. Hey, I'm an odd kind of gal. Anyway, there has been some discussion here and there on the BSC proboards and elsewhere that it's odd that all the kids of Stoneybrook seemed to play together nicely regardless of age. For me, that never came across as strange... and last night, in my mind, I kind of compared the neighborhood where I grew up as kind of a Mini Stoneybrook.
We had the kids that went to public elementary school about mile up the road(myself included), the kids that went to the private school across the street from the subdivision (k-8 catholic school, though the kindergarden was added when I was about in sixth grade), In my little part of the street, where there were about 12 kids, most of the kids went to the catholic school.
For the most part we all got along and played together with everyone in the subdivision. I often played with kids taht were as much as four years younger than me, however they were mostly the younger siblings of some of those that were closer in age. We'd play hide and seek on the "islands" that were at various points in the subdivision (which consisted of 2 main streets and one small court), play capture the flag, have snowball fights, and play in the woods that were on the outer edges.
Our subdivision was even equipped with two very doting baby-sitters that had DAY CAMPS for the kids that baby-sat for. Looking back now I wonder if they had read the BSC, this was in the early 90's. What two teenagers were really that doting on their charges unless they read the BSC or are Ann M. Martin? They were awesome though.

For me, it was never an issue with all the kids playing together. That's how it was in my neighborhood. Reading the BSC nowadawys kind of brings back that nostalgia factor of when I was growing up. Can anyone else identify with this?

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Wow, you really did look like Stacey!