Sunday, November 7, 2010

So I have a friend that was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes over the summer.

Holy heck it's been awhile! Sorry everyone, I got caught up with school. Now school will be over with for the semester in a month (Halelujia.) I hope everyone is okay and didn't miss me too much, (although, it's kinda nice to be missed ;) ).
I'm now a full year (number wise) older, and I hope a little wiser.

Anyway, before I get to the diabetic, let me just say that in Brass methods the first instrument we were on was the Tuba. I posted about the improbability of the book Karen's Tuba awhile back. Let me just reiterate it. I can NOT see a seven year old having much luck on that instrument being able to play HERE COMES THE BRIDE in just a matter of a few weeks.

Let's just say the Tuba and I did NOT get along.


So there's a girl in Vocal jazz choir with me that's a freshman this year. We sit next to each other and share the same voice part (as in Soprano 2), so I've gotten to know her quite a bit. She was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes over the summer (or a little before? Whatever.) Having not really met anyone in person with Type 1 diabetes, I was loaded with all sorts of questions because of the Baby-Sitters club and the misinformation I KNOW I was given. (Well, the books DID come out in the 80's).

Like Stacey, she has an insulin kit that she carries around with her (not horribly big. Easily fits inside a moderate size purse). If i'm in the student lounge in the Hett around noon I can usually expect her to whip it out and test her blood sugar. Nah, it doesn't really faze me. I never got the BSC's "omg ew ew ew!" . Sometimes she does have to give herself an injection, but she's got a pen that doesn't look like an actual shot. With the pen she doesn't have to worry about getting rid of the bubbles and it's easier to do. She comes loaded with snacks. Last week she was having a "low" as she calls it (obviously, low blood sugar). It was around 54. Everyone pretty much knows of her situation, and since she was just diagnosed and is still getting used to the situation, everyone in the music department is pretty understanding. A friend of hers put food in the microwave and I called her piano teacher to let her know that she would be late because she had to eat. She said when she's having a low she's usually shaky. High blood sugar would resemble the symptons she had when she was diagnosed. Like Stacey, she'd be thirsty all the time, have to go to the bathroom a lot, etc.

She's on a fairly strict eating schedule. She has a watch that beeps when it's time for her to eat. During performance classes she can be seen eating a pudding cup or eating cheese of some sort. I asked her about eating M&Ms (If Stacey eats an M&M, she'll die!!). Although she has to be very careful about what she eats, one M&M is okay ;). Two won't kill her either, but it's pretty much dependent on the protein.

She'll be getting an insulin pump in December and is absolutely stoked to the point of giddy. She'll have more flexibility about when she eats (Like, she'll have to still eat breakfast, but on the weekends she doesn't have to get up just to eat breakfast. She can sleep in.). She's never read the Baby-Sitters club, and I plan on loaning her my copy of The Truth About Stacey. If I can only remember to bring it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Did anyone have THESE come to their schools?

We did, and they were seriously awesome. A library inside of a BUS. We drove to Chicago to pick up my dad's new car, and on the way back we stopped at McDonalds, and this pulled up alongside the curb. I had completely forgotten about them until that very moment.
I was able to go inside. Of course it was a bit more updated since the last time I had been in one. They had DVD's and audio books, and other such things, but they did have a nice array of Nancy Drew on the shelf, so Claudia would have been happy. (No BSC that I could tell, though.)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yet another article

Yay for me and a little publicity however small it might be. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day, Fourth of July...whatever.

I hope everyone has a good fourth of July weekend to those that are in the states. I was also alerted (twice by the same person) that today is Canada day... so if any of you are in Canada...happy Canada Day.
Anyway, tomorrow evening I'll be headed up to Chicago with my sister, her friend, and her boyfriend who actually lives up there, and we will be taking the train back to St. Louis on Monday.
Now, even though I grew up roughly 4 hours (ish?) away from Chicago, I've only ever been there twice. Once when I was three, and I don't remember anything at all, and the other time when I was eighteen, and we were just driving through and I got stung by a yellow jacket in a park off the coast of Lake Michigan...
So needless to say, I'm looking forward to it, and one major thing I want to do? Go to the Art Institute of Chicago...
I think Claudia is rubbing off on me.

Speaking of Claudia. Someone posted in the comments from wayyyyyyyyyy back when, a link to Jeni Winslow's, The Claudia from the TV show's...facebook. I won't post the link to it,, but I might post the picture at some point. There were only two people from the tv show cast (main cast, primarily the BSC members themselves) that I couldn't find a recentish picture of, and she was one of them. I know there has been some talk about how she didn't look asian in the show (or 100% asian), but she definitely looks asian in the picture :)

Now if I could only find a picture of Melissa Chasse...
I wont rest, I tell ya!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

AMM on facebook

For those of you that haven't done so, I recommend adding AMM onto facebook. You'll get some insight on her life, and even some background on the BSC and other books.!/AnnMMartinAuthor

She's only one of some of the "celebrities" that I've added ranging from authors (Wendy Corsi Staub, Kevin O'Brien, Lisa Jackson), actors (Alison Arngrim aka Nellie Oleson from LHOTP), and reality personalities (Rupert Boneham, Christa Hastie Waydo and Stephenie LaGrossa from survivor).
Oh Facebook, I love thee.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Does this remind anyone of anything?

I wonder if he knows how to recite "This is the House that Jack Built"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Commercial with "Stacey"

I was perusing another blog about being a 90's kid, and there was an entry on the board game Mall Madness.

I couldn't help but notice the irony that "Stacey" from the TV show was in a commercial for a board game that's about shopping.

I never had this game...but I kind of want it now.

Ever wonder who posed for the BSC Covers?

Meet Suzanne, with AMM.

She was the original Mallory Pike.

She actually now works for Scholastic

AMM just posted this on her facebook page :D

And I learned this awhile back, but I can't remember what the source was.

Do you know who the little girl (Nina Marshall) whom Claudia is holding?


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hyper link isn't wanting to work, so just copy and paste.

(You might have to sign up, but it's free.)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Stace!

My calculations show that Stacey would be 36 years old today, but we all know she'll forever be 13.

On a side note, if anyone is extremely worried how much they're going to update the rereleases, shouldn't be TOO worried. I read the KGI rerelease...and rest assured, sheep are still in.
I plan on doing a side by side analysis at some point.

On another side note, the website for Children's Book world in Haverford, PA is looking for people to turn in their memories of the BSC.

Edit...hyperlink doesn't like just copy and paste link above.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

~The Summer Before~ Review



I just finished the book a couple of minutes ago. The biggest issue I had with it (which isn't necessarily a BAD thing) is that I wished it were longer. Page wise it was about the length of a super special with 17 chapters. I wasn't ready for it to end! Come on, I've been waiting TEN YEARS.

Every chapter alternated narrators, with Kristy having the first and the last chapters.

The book moves quickly (it would have to with each girl really only having four chapters except for Kristy). It begins on the last day of sixth grade and runs through when Kristy gets the idea for the BSC in the very last chapter. Going from the very beginning of the book where Kristy is talking it's obvious that this took place quite a bit in the past, though how long ago isn't exactly clear. I get the impression that Kristy is now an adult since she says: "And the summer brought the four of us, Claudia, Stacey, Mary Anne, and me, together to form the Baby-Sitters Club - something we would belong to, in one sense or another, for the rest of our lives."
There's no mention of cell phones, computers being the norm,(other than Janine having one in her room.) or anything of the high tech world we live in today. This will keep the readers who were worried about the books being updated too much happy.

Plot Lines:

Kristy's mother has just started dating Watson in May of sixth grade. They're starting to get more serious, and Kristy is missing her father more than ever. She writes him a letter, but it comes back with "addressee unknown" written across it. Hes' moved, and she doesn't know how to get in contact with him. She desperately to hear from him for her birthday, and she hopes against hope that he will somehow show up for her birthday in August, and when he doesn't, she's devastated, even though she knew in her heart that it wasn't likely. There's a mention of Sam going to baby-sit for Karen and Andrew when Kristy downright refused.
I felt bad for Kristy in some points because she doesn't want her family to change. Her, her mother and her brothers were going to have Hamburgers and watch for meteors (the meteors are mentioned a lot), and Watson gets invited, and Kristy is sorely disappointed. You can see Watson already starting to step into the father role, when he gives Kristy a nice bracelet for her birthday and calls her, which her father neglects to do. (Kristy was adamant about him not being there for the birthday dinner.)

Claudia- Feels herself pulling away from Kristy and Mary Anne. She's more interested in boys, and other things that Mary Anne and Kristy are definitely not into yet. For her twelfth birthday, she wants her first girl boy party isntead of the sleepover she has every year with K and MA and a few other girls. The Goldman's next door (Claudia wonders why they don't call them the Goldmen instead of the Goldman's hehehe) allow her to use their pool for their party. Janine invites two of her friends including a VERY CUTE boy named Frankie. Janine likes him, however he shows interest in Claudia, and Janine starts giving her the cold shoulder. After the party they start hanging out more and more and Claudia keeps blowing off K and MA (and isn't able to make Kristy's bday dinner.) In the end, the two of them end up going to the pool, and Frankie basically blows her off when his friends are there. They were away during the summer and now they're back he has no use for Claudia. They basically treat her like a 5 year old, Frankie dumps her, and eventually everything goes back to normal, though Claudia still feels like she's years older than K and MA, but they decide to try and work on their friendship.

Mary Anne- Desperately longing for independence. When Mrs. PIke calls Kristy asking if she can come sit for all 8 Pike kids and if she knew someone else who could sit with her. Kristy calls Mary Anne, but of course she has to ask her father. She has a very rational conversation (much more rational than when she tried to get a later curfew in Mary Anne Saves the Day), and he finally gives in and says she can go with Kristy .... on several conditions which include that She has to call every 30 minutes and be home by 9 on the dot. Mary Anne is relieved but incredibly nervous about something going wrong on her job. However, the sitting job goes smoothly. Kristy goes out and plays softball with the boys, and Mary Anne stays inside and plays beauty parlor with the girls (Mallory is acting as a deputy baby-sitter.) They play a Snail game (or something , I have to go back and look) Where they come up with a category, and someone names something in that category, and the next person has to come up with something in that category that starts with the last letter of the previous word.
Mary Anne does some more baby-sitting with Kristy, and then she has a job with Claudia at the Newton's in which she does most of the work (Claudia is really only there because Mary Anne HAD to have someone sit with her) and is awkward because Claudia is on the phone with Frankie
The last big thing that happens is that Mary Anne throws a "Kristy Day" because she knows how badly Kristy is feeling about her father. It takes place the day after Kristy's birthday (Claudia is off with Frankie) and she gets the Pikes, Jamie, Jenny Prezzioso, and a few other kids. They make presents and a banner (which says "We love you KISTY") and parade down to the Thomas' house to surprise "Kisty". After this, Mr. Spier sees how responsible Mary Anne is becoming and finally allows her to baby-sit on her own.

Stacey~ This was my favorite storyline... which isn't terribly surprising considering she was always my favorite sitter. We see more of her life in NYC before moving to Stoneybrook. She's anxious to get out of the city and away from her ex friends. She now doesn't really have ANY Friends and her free time is spent helping clean her apartment preparing for the move and baby-sitting. (She basically says that the doorman to her apartment building is about the closest thing she had to a best friend.)She calls Laine "Her Royal Meanness" (Hehe). Laine is a complete BITCH in the book. She reminded me of why I hated middle school so much. Stacey's nickname for her is pretty much spot on (only I would have substituted meanness for something else). I'm still not exactly sure WHY Stacey's parents decided to keep the whole diabetes thing a secret. (Stacey stated that a fifth grader had had leukemia and everyone knew about it so there were no surprises). Stacey's baby-sitting clients and neighbors throw her a going away party in which the Cummingses show up, and a bunch of girls from school whom Stacey suspects Laine threatened to get them to go. THe girls are complete bitches at the party (Seriously, I would have thrown them out on their asses), making fun of the little kids who care more about Stacey than these girls do.
The McGill's move to Stoneybrook, and Stacey falls in love with the town, glad that it isn't anything at all like New York, but relieved there is a department store, and restaurants. She's surprised that it isn't completely quiet at night. She can hear crickets and an owl hooting in the distance.

The book finishes up with the beginning of seventh grade , ending on the night that Kristy gets her idea for the Baby-Sitters Club. It provides a great segue to the first book in the series even if parts of it do overlap.

Things of note:
~Jenny Prezzioso LOVES Kristy. She's not a brat in this one, but just seems like a sweet kid even if she is dressed to the nines.
~Mary Anne wears braids, but she's not in dresses and skirts all the time. Instead she wears capris pants and Pedal Pushers, with flowery blouses.
~Mary Anne actually meets Stacey first. She helps her get to a class on her first day of school
~Stacey and Claudia DO NOT crash into each other. They meet each other at lunch. Emily Bernstein (who showed Stacey around school that morning) introduces her to the kids at their table.
~Last day of Summer Vacation K MA and C meet on the Elementary School playground with their sitting charges (David Michael, Jamie, and Jenny). David Michael is acting as a junior baby-sitter. He gets told to keep Jenny, who is wearing a pink dress and pink shoes, clean. Miraculously, he does.
~First Janine quote (although it's not a direct quote, it's something Claudia says Janine would say...or has said) "I suppose that sometimes it's acceptable for one to use aint as the colloquial contraction for is not..."
~Some of Stacey's NYC baby-sitting charges include:
8 year old Jeremy and 5 year old TWila. Brother and sister who play "sticky" and can't leave each other's side at all. The game ends when Stacey tells them she's moving and Jeremy is PISSED and jumps up.
3 year old twins Sean and Sarah Beckett. They're not as upset as Twila and Jeremy. They ask a bunch of questions and seem interested that all their furniture will fit into a van.
The Goldsmith Kids, three of them. They all burst into tears.
~Mary Anne sees a girl about their age who she has never seen before with blonde hair and blue eyes watching the Kristy Day Parade.
And last but not least......

~First Claudia outfit description!!
"Claudia was wearing willowy black pants, cinched at the waist with a drawstring, and a boldy patterned summer shirt with ties that she was adjusting around her midriff. Her midriff would have been bare, but Claud had slithered into a lacy black tank top before she'd put on the shirt. On her feet were delicate silvery sandals, and her hair, which was looooooooong and thick, was held away from her face with two silver combs."

Classic BSC... even if it's BEFORE the BSC

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AMM reads from The Summer Before

The very first part of the book.


Or should I say them. My copy of the Summer Before came today... my sister put my dad's name on the order from amazon because it went to his house... so he thought it was his. He was GOING to bring it to me tomorrow, but of course I'm impatient and i needed it tonight. He was like "You can't wait until tomorrow?" I was like .. "uh... NO."
He only lives four blocks away.

Anyway, so I pawed through the box and found not one copy of The Summer Before, but two. I was going to give the second copy away on here, but I have a friend who loves the BSC as well and she's also a teacher, so I asked her first. (she practically screamed YES) Kristy's Great Idea is also in the box, but don't worry. If there are any other duplicates, I'll see about giving them away on here. :)

My ten year old self is jumping up and down. She's been waiting ten years for this. (I was sixteen when Graduation Day came out, but I still sporadically kept up with the BSC, buying a new copy every now and then. I actually did get Graduation Day when it came out.)

Now the question is... do I read it now and satisfy my thirst? Or take my time and savor it?

Yeah I should read it now.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Blog

A little shameless self-promotion here, but I started up a new blog. I play games on, which is a gaming site with hundreds of games. There's free games, but there are also games for exclusive members that pay a membership fee with extras (which at 11 cents a day isn't bad... it gives me something to do.)
If any of you play there, the blog is The Life of a Club Pogo Addict, and a link to it is on the left.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Scholastic Website has a new BSC portion

I don't know how long this has been up, but someone on the message boards posted the link to it. Has pictures of the girls which are extremely cartoonish, but they're cute.

For those that I gave the Wash Post Journalist's contact info to, have you talked to her yet? If so, how'd it go?

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I got contacted this morning by a reporter for the Washington Post. She's doing a story on the release of the Prequel and would like to hear from other bloggers that are still following the BSC after all these years.

If you're interested contact me here or (I'll be less likely to accidentally delete it from my school account.)

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Poll, what's up?

New poll on the prequel. Just thought it up, which is basically how those things come about.
Seriously though, was surprised at the results of the poll of the least favorite members. Mal's one of my favorites now that I'm older probably because I can relate to her... (except for the whole being the oldest of 8 kids thing...)... and mildy surprised at how few votes Claudia got.

Anyway, right now I'm reading the Little Sister series from beginning to end. I'm on 52 right now (Karen's Mermaid.) There were a few that I JUST READ when I first haphazardly started to read them before I decided to go in order... so I skipped those.

The most unlikely plot so far? Karen's Tuba. As a MUED major I found myself LAUGHING. I haven't gotten to brass methods, but I seriously doubt anyone in their right mind would have a tuba even available for a 2nd grader to play.,, And what the hell was up with the viola on the instrument cart when the teacher first comes into the classroom? You don't start out on the viola! Especially if you're a little kid!
(Mainly the size of the instrument, I doubt I could even really play a viola, I'm not tall, and I don't have really long arms.. not to mention they read a completely different clef...)

The kids were allowed to take the instruments home before they had even touched them or learned how to properly put them together. (apparently the first lesson was going over notes and stuff) I'm in woodwind methods (and string methods actually) right now. We started the clarinet a few weeks ago. Nancy took the instrument home, figured out how to properly put the thing together, and played on it? For real?

I also find it incredibly hard to believe that they were all able to play Here Comes the Bride.That song has a range of more than just a few notes. Yeah they practiced a lot, and that's all fine and dandy... I still find it hard to believe that after a practice session with Sam they were able to get it almost perfect... with all those instruments. A kid or two? Maybe. The entire class? NOT

Mind you I'd never played a clarinet (or flute for that matter) in my life, and we have to play A Little Nightmusic for our clarinet test... but we're older, music majors (obviously have a substantial background in music) and tend to latch on to things a lot faster than second graders. (I'm still not the best, but I do seem to be having a bit more luck at the clarinet than the least I could produce sound right away.)

Just my rant for the evening :)

What the heck is up with my sudden surge of spammers?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Temple Grandin

Did anyone else see the tv movie on HBO tonight about the life of Temple Grandin? She's an autistic woman that helped design ramps and things for cattle to keep them calm while they were being led ...well... to die.

Anyway, she also designed the hug machine that is featured in The Baby-Sitters' European Vacation. Susan went into it and was immediately at peace. It was quite interesting, and when she first went into it after seeing how it affected cattle by calming them down, I immediately thought of Susan.

On another note, I made the Dean's List, and my sister wants to get me something.
I told her she could get me BSC prequel and the three rereleases.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chicken Pox

This girl in choir who sits two rows behind me has the chicken pox. There were only 3 second sopranos in class today (out of I don't remember), and we weren't anywhere near each other because there is a system to where we sit in choir (part and height). The poor girl who was sitting at the top by herself came down and sat by me. Basically this is how the conversation went:
her: "Jenny sits right by me. I'm glad I've already had the chicken pox."
Me: "You can get them twice."
her. "Really?"
Me: "Yup, it's rare though.

Thank you Mallory Pike for teaching the world that it's possible to get the chicken pox twice.

Apparently it can happen in adults with bad immune systems... in other words...if i was anywhere near her when she was contagious. I'm screwed.

I think i'm psyching myself out... I'm itching.

At least I know it's all in my head :)

I hope

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fanvid of the week...

I find it incredibly amusing (well kind of ) that my shortest post ever garnered the most comments. (the last one)
Less is more? :)
Pictures are worth a thousand words? Apparently

Anyway. I have nothing else to say at the moment and I have to go to bed... so here's another fanvid to keep you morbidly entertained.

(This is actually my favorite one)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010