Saturday, February 6, 2010

Temple Grandin

Did anyone else see the tv movie on HBO tonight about the life of Temple Grandin? She's an autistic woman that helped design ramps and things for cattle to keep them calm while they were being led ...well... to die.

Anyway, she also designed the hug machine that is featured in The Baby-Sitters' European Vacation. Susan went into it and was immediately at peace. It was quite interesting, and when she first went into it after seeing how it affected cattle by calming them down, I immediately thought of Susan.

On another note, I made the Dean's List, and my sister wants to get me something.
I told her she could get me BSC prequel and the three rereleases.


Sadako said...

I read about Temple Grandin in sociology class, and I remember reading the European Vaca as an older person and being all, "Whoa...Temple GRANDIN? Ann M., get on with your culturally literate self."

I bet that was Lerangis's influence, though.

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