Friday, July 9, 2010

Yet another article

Yay for me and a little publicity however small it might be. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day, Fourth of July...whatever.

I hope everyone has a good fourth of July weekend to those that are in the states. I was also alerted (twice by the same person) that today is Canada day... so if any of you are in Canada...happy Canada Day.
Anyway, tomorrow evening I'll be headed up to Chicago with my sister, her friend, and her boyfriend who actually lives up there, and we will be taking the train back to St. Louis on Monday.
Now, even though I grew up roughly 4 hours (ish?) away from Chicago, I've only ever been there twice. Once when I was three, and I don't remember anything at all, and the other time when I was eighteen, and we were just driving through and I got stung by a yellow jacket in a park off the coast of Lake Michigan...
So needless to say, I'm looking forward to it, and one major thing I want to do? Go to the Art Institute of Chicago...
I think Claudia is rubbing off on me.

Speaking of Claudia. Someone posted in the comments from wayyyyyyyyyy back when, a link to Jeni Winslow's, The Claudia from the TV show's...facebook. I won't post the link to it,, but I might post the picture at some point. There were only two people from the tv show cast (main cast, primarily the BSC members themselves) that I couldn't find a recentish picture of, and she was one of them. I know there has been some talk about how she didn't look asian in the show (or 100% asian), but she definitely looks asian in the picture :)

Now if I could only find a picture of Melissa Chasse...
I wont rest, I tell ya!