Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Name Meanings.

Ever wonder what the girl's names actually mean?

Well I decided to look them up for the heck of it, and see if any of them match their poersonality

Kristin (Kristy) means Consecrated to God. Greek (in other words to make sacred to God, at least according to Dictinoary.com)... most of the meanings anyway. (Yeah I had to look it up so I didn't do a Claudia

Claudia: Lame in Latin

Mary Anne = Mary is Hebrew for Bitter Anne is Gracious in Hebrew. (that's a bit contradictory)

Anastasia (Stacey) means Resurrection in Greek

Dawn (or Diana) means Sunrise (obviously) Greek

Mallory is Ill-Omened. French. (For some reason I find this one hilarious)

Jessica is wealthy in Hebrew

Abigail is God is Joy in Hebrew

Logan is small cove in celtic/gaelic. Also unisex

Shannon is Little Wise Owl also in Celtic/Gaelic and also unisex

found at http://www.name-meanings.com/search.php if you have any beefs with the meanings, take it up with that site...

Also, my name wasn't on there. I've only ever found it on one site anyway... and in one baby book.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Need Members for a new Baby-Sitters Club RPG

There is a new RPG going on at LiveJournal. The site is Http://community.livejournal.com/stoneybrook_rpg
Only members taken are:
Mary Anne
Dawn (me)
Cokie Mason
Cary Retlin
Byron Pike
Anna Stevenson
Alan Gray
Erica Blumberg
Grace Blume
Pete Black
Shawna Riverson

We still need any other character that someone wants to create from the series. The older members are 17 and Seniors and the Younger are 15 and Sophomores.

Create a free account at livejournal relating to your character. and sign up. Also, it's a good idea to have a celebrity or an actual person to have as your picture. (Ex: The girl who I am using to portray as Dawn is Blake Lively from Gossip Girl and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.)bscgirl10 is in charge of it, and just let her know. She's also looking for someone who has some experience in RPG to be a mod.

Edited to change names taken.
Also might add some of the charges to the RPG too if we get enough.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Karen Brewer committed a misdemeanor in Chicago!!

a little OT... but my friend and i were discussing dumb laws, and she stated that in Chicago it's against the law to fly a kite.
Someone didn't do their research when they had Karen Lisa and Andrew go kite flying in Karen's Big Move.

Here are some from the great state of Connecticut..did the BSC break any laws?

Pedestrians crossing the highway at night are prohibited from wearing tail lights. (cause you know you want them to be hit by a car and everything)

You can be stopped by the police for biking over 65 miles per hour.
In order for a pickle to officially be considered a pickle, it must bounce

.It is illegal to dispose of used razor blades. (did Kristy use a disposable razor in SS# 7? )

You cannot buy any alcohol after 9pm or on Sundays after noon on Sunday.
It is illegal to discharge a firearm from a public highway.

Silly string is banned (southington)

No one may use a white cane, unless they are blind.

Edited to add:
Also somewhere in CT (I forget where and too tired right now to look it up) it's illegal to have any kind of advertising on balloons.
For the BSC's sake, we'll just pretend that it's also illegal in Stoneybrook and have the Baby-Sitters Agency arrested.
All in favor?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

BSC TV Show.. Where Are They Now?

I've always loved the Little "Where Are they Now" clip thingies... and while I'm not sure where some of them are... here are some updates on the ones I've been able to find :)

Avriel Hillman as Kristy Thomas


the pictures are secure, so can't save them. She's done a tone of theater and directing... not so much on screen though. BA in Theater Speech and Dance from Brown University.

Meghan Lahey as Mary Anne Spier

now...(actuallpy I think this picture is a few years old, it's been up there awhile, but you get the general idea)

She's now a counselor at Mamaronck high school. (how... Mary Anne)

Jessica Prunell as Stacey McGill

She's now a laywer at Emmet, Marvin and Martin in New York City. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania 1999, and then went on to the Benjamin Cardoza School of Law in 2002. Practices Commercial and General Litigation
(how come I can see Stacey really doing something like that?)

Meghan Andrews as Mallory Pike

She is now a singer/musician and has been in a couple of things on tv, with stints on Law and Order and Guiding Light. She will be in Sweet Flame this year as Anne.

picture taken from her myspace music page www.myspace.com/meghanandrewsmusic

...and guess who is on her myspace friends??

Nicole Leach as Jessi Ramsey

She's done a ton of stuff onstage. She was in Fame on 42nd street off Broadway in 2003, and lots of other plays/musicals.

Picture is a little old, but she basically looks the same.

Jeni Winslow (Claudia) and Melissa Chasse (Dawn) seem to have dropped off the face of the planet. There's a couple of sites about a Melissa Chasse, but I really don't think it's the same person... and no pictures, so can't tell if it is or not. She'd be about 31 or so now, as would Jeni. (in 1990 all the girls were relatively close to the ages they portrayed, at least the ones I've seen.)
Jeni and Melissa, if you're out there somewhere, please come out! Fans are wondering!!

and a couple of extra bonuses

Danny Tamberelli as Jackie Rodowsky

As most people know he did a ton of stuff on Nickelodeon in the 1990's.
Adventure of Pete and Pete, All that, This picture was taken from his facebook page, added by a fan.

Graduated from Hampshire (?) in 2004, and is now living in New York.

Gina Gallagher as Charlotte Johanssen

She's another one that seems to have disappeared. She was in All My Children from 1993-1997, and then quit acting to continue schooling. She appeared as Theresa Vitti in Analyze This (which I've never seen and can't find any pictures of either) in 1999...but since then, I haven't found anything. I found a picture on facebook that MIGHT be her, but I can't tell, so not going to say anything. (Only reason might is because kind of looks similar and girl is from East Coast...though not sure where Gina is actually from on the east coast).

Picture of her and Susan Lucci from 1997... she was about 15.

Also posted at http://community.livejournal.com/howtheylooknow/446100.html?#cutid1
added a picture of Karen Brewer and zOMG he's Really Gorgeous isn't he??? Jamie Anderson ...which I'm too lazy to post right now