Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Name Meanings.

Ever wonder what the girl's names actually mean?

Well I decided to look them up for the heck of it, and see if any of them match their poersonality

Kristin (Kristy) means Consecrated to God. Greek (in other words to make sacred to God, at least according to Dictinoary.com)... most of the meanings anyway. (Yeah I had to look it up so I didn't do a Claudia

Claudia: Lame in Latin

Mary Anne = Mary is Hebrew for Bitter Anne is Gracious in Hebrew. (that's a bit contradictory)

Anastasia (Stacey) means Resurrection in Greek

Dawn (or Diana) means Sunrise (obviously) Greek

Mallory is Ill-Omened. French. (For some reason I find this one hilarious)

Jessica is wealthy in Hebrew

Abigail is God is Joy in Hebrew

Logan is small cove in celtic/gaelic. Also unisex

Shannon is Little Wise Owl also in Celtic/Gaelic and also unisex

found at http://www.name-meanings.com/search.php if you have any beefs with the meanings, take it up with that site...

Also, my name wasn't on there. I've only ever found it on one site anyway... and in one baby book.


Karen Brewer said...

"Claudia: Lame in Latin"--That made me laugh. :D

Would you believe the name Karen means "pure"? I knew that, though, from reading Karen's Book. I'm sure many Karen haters would have a field day with that one.

Cassie said...

my name is never in any baby books either. :( But cassandra is, which means prophet in greek. I think.

One sight offers up a different explantion for Mary Anne, that it's derived from Myriam, the woman who put her brother moses in the river .. i think. i'm not very up on my old testement.