Monday, July 14, 2008

Kristy's Great Idea - French Canadian Version

Also known as Christine A Une Idée Géniale

Just started reading this book last night... I'm not fluent in French by any means, but I know enough to get by, and since I've read the first books so many times, it's really not THAT difficult.

Some interesting Changes in the book that I've noticed:

Kristy- is Christine, her last name is still Thomas, though I'm thinking it might be pronounced Tohmah

David Michael is just David (dahveed)

Charlie is Charles (well he doesnt have a nickname)

Sam has turned into Sebastian

Mary Anne Spier is Anne-Marie Lapierre

Claudia is still Claudia. I can't find a last name, but she's still Japanese so I'm assuming it's still Kishi.

Stacey has turned into Sophie Menard

Janine is Josée

Jamie Newton has turned into Jonathon Mainville. Also gone is his "hi hi!". I'm thinking "Bonjour Bonjour" was a bit much. Probably Salut Salut was a bit much also for a three year old.

The Pike's are the Picard's... and Margo is spelled with a t on the end. I also noted that 'Anne-Marie' and Margot and Claire don't go to the Newton's house when "Christine" is baby-sitting "Jonathon" and "David". They just agree to meet up at Claudia's later.

Sophie is also from Toronto, and they're all in Canada (obviously since it's French Canadian translation)

Now I KNOW the city where this takes place is mentioned somewhere in what i've read so far, but I can't find it. I should've taken notes while I was reading this last night.

More later.


Forgot to mention that WAtson is Guilliaume (Have to double check that spelling!) and Karen and Andrew are Karen and Andre


Sara said...

Interesting. I have always wanted to read the BSC books in a different language, just to see what it is like. I also want to prove to myself that I can do it soley on the amount of times I have read my own copies. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Claudia is still Kishi, and the BSC live in Nouville, QC.

I've always thought that it was hilarious that Sophie was from Toronto, as it is not too far from where I live.

And I applaud you for working your way through a French BSC book despite not being fluent in French. I only know what French I learned in school, and opening my copy of "De mystérieux appels anonymes" (Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls), I get frustrated/annoyed within the first page, even though I know what's supposed to be happening. I have no patience for that!