Monday, July 21, 2008

BSC Friends Forever Special: Graduation Day

Oh dear.

I just finished reading this book for the first time in YEARS. I bought it when I first came out, and now I'm having a Mary Anne moment. Where's that box of tissues when I need it.

Even the dedication at the beginning had me a bit weepy: For all the readers—past, present, and future—of the baby-sitters Club...with thanks.


It's nice to know that after being on hiatus for well over 100 books that AMM finally came back and wrote the grand finale.

The book definitely has a "final" feel to it... and yet, as a reader, I myself am dying to know what became of the Baby-Sitters. I know many people are against a reunion book, but if there ever were to be one, I'd probably be one of the first in line to read it, just because I WANT to know... I NEED to know what happened. It's a hunger that doesn't seem to want to go away... but for now I will have to make do with fanfiction.

Couple of things I noticed in the book:
There doesn't seem to be a "definitive" timeline when things happened earlier in the series... other than the BSC was formed "almost two years ago". It doesn't say when Mary Anne's house burned down,, when Claudia was sent back to the seventh grade, etc. Only thing it makes mention of is that Abby said she moved to Stoneybrook "less than a year ago."
I guess this was the way of dodging the whole issue of them repeating the same year over...and over... and over again.

Another thing I noticed, and since I don't have an actual COPY of the book, this one was just an ebook, so it could be an error on the typer, but Charlotte goes from 8 to 9 in the same book. Her birthday is supposed to be in JUne which is when this book takes place... and I follow my own timeline in my head during the FF series, so that by this book, Stacey and Dawn are 14... and Mallory would be 12... even if they don't actually say so in the book. They have to age at some point. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The eighth grade graduation thing I think... is a bit unrealistic...especially since they went to a 6-8 school. I had friends that went to a k-8 school, and I can see hwo that might be a big deal, but seriously? Middle school graduation? On the last day of my eighth grade we had a breakfast brunch thing, and everyone on our "side" was given some sort of "award." (our middle school was divided into three "sides" per grade, where the core classes would be held). I was given the "Over the Rainbow" award, because I was obsessed with Judy Garland. And still am. In FIFTH Grade we had a "graduation" type thing...which was really an over exaggerated recital where they handed out certificates one by one at the end... and we still had another few weeks of school left.

I also found it a little bit unrealistic about Claudia not being able to go to high school because of one test. I was a Claudia in school, bone lazy, and didn't do the work, however I was smart. I was definitely worried about not going onto high school, but we didn't have "finals" persay in middle school... and even if our grades were horrible (ahem) we were still able to go to the high school ... I tested well and I understood the concepts, so that wasn't really an issue... although i wonder what would have happened HAD I been held back. I defintely don't think I would be where I am today... maybe I would have actually graduated and not gotten my GED? Oh well, things are the way they are and I musn't dwell on them... and I'm getting off track.

This book is screaming for fanfictions to be made as a follow up to it. There are three plot devices that are in this book that are practically begging for it.. and yet, there hasn't been one single fanfiction that has actually been completed or even STARTED that I have read that cover these bases.
The time capsule. The BSC members, old and current, and several of the kids put things in a time capsule to be unearthed in seven years when the oldest kids (the Pike Triplets) are about to graduate from high school. Some of the items include: An old BSC flier (Kristy), a softball (Jackie), a page full of ads (Dawn), Info on Stoneybrook's 250th Birthday (Claudia), piece of burnt wood, (Mary Anne), SES newspaper with an article on STacey (Charlotte), etc.

The letters the eighth graders wrote to their future 12th grade selves. Mind you, when I was seventeen and I saw this, I thought it was a FANTASTIC idea. I wrote myself my own letter and tucked it away in a drawer. Two and a half years later I found it.
I have no idea what happened to it.

I think it would make an interesting to have a 12th grade graduation fic that centered around the letters... I just don't think I'm talented enough to come up with it.

The pact.
The girls all sign a pact that in 12 years they would all come back together for a reunion, no matter where they are in the country. I think this has been attempted but I'm not sure if it's actually been completed.

Okay I'm tired, but I'll close with this last line in the book... from Kristy...

Am fairly certain that even though our friendships may change as we get older, we will always remain friends, the eight of us.
Friends forever.

The End

Now i can go back to reading the series from beginning to end as much as I can.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kristy's Great Idea - French Canadian Version

Also known as Christine A Une Idée Géniale

Just started reading this book last night... I'm not fluent in French by any means, but I know enough to get by, and since I've read the first books so many times, it's really not THAT difficult.

Some interesting Changes in the book that I've noticed:

Kristy- is Christine, her last name is still Thomas, though I'm thinking it might be pronounced Tohmah

David Michael is just David (dahveed)

Charlie is Charles (well he doesnt have a nickname)

Sam has turned into Sebastian

Mary Anne Spier is Anne-Marie Lapierre

Claudia is still Claudia. I can't find a last name, but she's still Japanese so I'm assuming it's still Kishi.

Stacey has turned into Sophie Menard

Janine is Josée

Jamie Newton has turned into Jonathon Mainville. Also gone is his "hi hi!". I'm thinking "Bonjour Bonjour" was a bit much. Probably Salut Salut was a bit much also for a three year old.

The Pike's are the Picard's... and Margo is spelled with a t on the end. I also noted that 'Anne-Marie' and Margot and Claire don't go to the Newton's house when "Christine" is baby-sitting "Jonathon" and "David". They just agree to meet up at Claudia's later.

Sophie is also from Toronto, and they're all in Canada (obviously since it's French Canadian translation)

Now I KNOW the city where this takes place is mentioned somewhere in what i've read so far, but I can't find it. I should've taken notes while I was reading this last night.

More later.


Forgot to mention that WAtson is Guilliaume (Have to double check that spelling!) and Karen and Andrew are Karen and Andre