Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AMM reads from The Summer Before

The very first part of the book.


Or should I say them. My copy of the Summer Before came today... my sister put my dad's name on the order from amazon because it went to his house... so he thought it was his. He was GOING to bring it to me tomorrow, but of course I'm impatient and i needed it tonight. He was like "You can't wait until tomorrow?" I was like .. "uh... NO."
He only lives four blocks away.

Anyway, so I pawed through the box and found not one copy of The Summer Before, but two. I was going to give the second copy away on here, but I have a friend who loves the BSC as well and she's also a teacher, so I asked her first. (she practically screamed YES) Kristy's Great Idea is also in the box, but don't worry. If there are any other duplicates, I'll see about giving them away on here. :)

My ten year old self is jumping up and down. She's been waiting ten years for this. (I was sixteen when Graduation Day came out, but I still sporadically kept up with the BSC, buying a new copy every now and then. I actually did get Graduation Day when it came out.)

Now the question is... do I read it now and satisfy my thirst? Or take my time and savor it?

Yeah I should read it now.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Blog

A little shameless self-promotion here, but I started up a new blog. I play games on, which is a gaming site with hundreds of games. There's free games, but there are also games for exclusive members that pay a membership fee with extras (which at 11 cents a day isn't bad... it gives me something to do.)
If any of you play there, the blog is The Life of a Club Pogo Addict, and a link to it is on the left.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Scholastic Website has a new BSC portion

I don't know how long this has been up, but someone on the message boards posted the link to it. Has pictures of the girls which are extremely cartoonish, but they're cute.

For those that I gave the Wash Post Journalist's contact info to, have you talked to her yet? If so, how'd it go?

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I got contacted this morning by a reporter for the Washington Post. She's doing a story on the release of the Prequel and would like to hear from other bloggers that are still following the BSC after all these years.

If you're interested contact me here or (I'll be less likely to accidentally delete it from my school account.)

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Poll, what's up?

New poll on the prequel. Just thought it up, which is basically how those things come about.
Seriously though, was surprised at the results of the poll of the least favorite members. Mal's one of my favorites now that I'm older probably because I can relate to her... (except for the whole being the oldest of 8 kids thing...)... and mildy surprised at how few votes Claudia got.

Anyway, right now I'm reading the Little Sister series from beginning to end. I'm on 52 right now (Karen's Mermaid.) There were a few that I JUST READ when I first haphazardly started to read them before I decided to go in order... so I skipped those.

The most unlikely plot so far? Karen's Tuba. As a MUED major I found myself LAUGHING. I haven't gotten to brass methods, but I seriously doubt anyone in their right mind would have a tuba even available for a 2nd grader to play.,, And what the hell was up with the viola on the instrument cart when the teacher first comes into the classroom? You don't start out on the viola! Especially if you're a little kid!
(Mainly the size of the instrument, I doubt I could even really play a viola, I'm not tall, and I don't have really long arms.. not to mention they read a completely different clef...)

The kids were allowed to take the instruments home before they had even touched them or learned how to properly put them together. (apparently the first lesson was going over notes and stuff) I'm in woodwind methods (and string methods actually) right now. We started the clarinet a few weeks ago. Nancy took the instrument home, figured out how to properly put the thing together, and played on it? For real?

I also find it incredibly hard to believe that they were all able to play Here Comes the Bride.That song has a range of more than just a few notes. Yeah they practiced a lot, and that's all fine and dandy... I still find it hard to believe that after a practice session with Sam they were able to get it almost perfect... with all those instruments. A kid or two? Maybe. The entire class? NOT

Mind you I'd never played a clarinet (or flute for that matter) in my life, and we have to play A Little Nightmusic for our clarinet test... but we're older, music majors (obviously have a substantial background in music) and tend to latch on to things a lot faster than second graders. (I'm still not the best, but I do seem to be having a bit more luck at the clarinet than the least I could produce sound right away.)

Just my rant for the evening :)

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