Thursday, August 6, 2009

OT: Another Fandom of mine

I, like many others, am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I've read all the books, seen all the movies, etc etc etc. I got introduced by my mother's friend Stuart who loved Harry Potter back in 2003 after the 5th book came out. I borrowed his books and devoured them, and watched the first two movies.

Unfortunately, Stuart died of lung cancer in August of 2004, and he never got to read the 6th and 7th books, and he was too sick to see the PoA movie, so I've carried on the tradition, by buying the last two books, and even going to a Deathly Hallows release party two years ago, and of course seeing the movies. I have to wonder what he would have thought of how the series turned out.

Anyway, I'm sure some of you have to be HP fans as well, and I felt I HAD to share this absolutely brilliant thing on youtube. A group of Harry Potter fans went and wrote a Musical based on the Harry Potter books. It's complete parody, and absolutely hilarious. (I think the only way it could have worked was if it was parody.)

And best part? IT's completely legal... since they didn't make a profit off of it. I think it was posted by the people who made it, (they're in charge of the facebook group that has linked the videos as well) so i HOPE it won't be taken down.

Here's the first video along with a link to the playlist