Thursday, June 12, 2008

BSC TV Show.. Where Are They Now?

I've always loved the Little "Where Are they Now" clip thingies... and while I'm not sure where some of them are... here are some updates on the ones I've been able to find :)

Avriel Hillman as Kristy Thomas

the pictures are secure, so can't save them. She's done a tone of theater and directing... not so much on screen though. BA in Theater Speech and Dance from Brown University.

Meghan Lahey as Mary Anne Spier

now...(actuallpy I think this picture is a few years old, it's been up there awhile, but you get the general idea)

She's now a counselor at Mamaronck high school. (how... Mary Anne)

Jessica Prunell as Stacey McGill

She's now a laywer at Emmet, Marvin and Martin in New York City. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania 1999, and then went on to the Benjamin Cardoza School of Law in 2002. Practices Commercial and General Litigation
(how come I can see Stacey really doing something like that?)

Meghan Andrews as Mallory Pike

She is now a singer/musician and has been in a couple of things on tv, with stints on Law and Order and Guiding Light. She will be in Sweet Flame this year as Anne.

picture taken from her myspace music page

...and guess who is on her myspace friends??

Nicole Leach as Jessi Ramsey

She's done a ton of stuff onstage. She was in Fame on 42nd street off Broadway in 2003, and lots of other plays/musicals.

Picture is a little old, but she basically looks the same.

Jeni Winslow (Claudia) and Melissa Chasse (Dawn) seem to have dropped off the face of the planet. There's a couple of sites about a Melissa Chasse, but I really don't think it's the same person... and no pictures, so can't tell if it is or not. She'd be about 31 or so now, as would Jeni. (in 1990 all the girls were relatively close to the ages they portrayed, at least the ones I've seen.)
Jeni and Melissa, if you're out there somewhere, please come out! Fans are wondering!!

and a couple of extra bonuses

Danny Tamberelli as Jackie Rodowsky

As most people know he did a ton of stuff on Nickelodeon in the 1990's.
Adventure of Pete and Pete, All that, This picture was taken from his facebook page, added by a fan.

Graduated from Hampshire (?) in 2004, and is now living in New York.

Gina Gallagher as Charlotte Johanssen

She's another one that seems to have disappeared. She was in All My Children from 1993-1997, and then quit acting to continue schooling. She appeared as Theresa Vitti in Analyze This (which I've never seen and can't find any pictures of either) in 1999...but since then, I haven't found anything. I found a picture on facebook that MIGHT be her, but I can't tell, so not going to say anything. (Only reason might is because kind of looks similar and girl is from East Coast...though not sure where Gina is actually from on the east coast).

Picture of her and Susan Lucci from 1997... she was about 15.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! It was cool!

But ... Kristy's a model?!?! :-O


Anonymous said...

Hee! Mallory's a blonde now, just like she wanted in that California super special!

Karen Brewer said...

I have to say that Kristy and Mal look really great now! :)

Kevin Gregory McManus said...

No, Avriel ("Kristy") isn't a model. She directs stuff in Seattle sometimes, and sometimes she does a little acting/directing/coaching in LA and NY. Mostly, she is getting really into politics. She is very set on saving the world, which she has the stamina and capability to do, one country at a time. Starting with America. :D

Jennifer said...

Wow! I used to watch this show as a kid with my girlfriends. I completely forgot about it! (Although I have no idea how, considering I'm sure I still have the collection of VHS tapes somewhere in a box - HeHe). It was such a pleasant and innocent show back then. I'm sad that they don't put more programs on the air like this for today's generation, especially when young girls are exposed to so much criticism and negativity now. Looking back, I would have never looked up to the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, or even the Miley Cyrus types. For me, I always thought "Mallory" (Meghan Lahey) was so pretty. She looks the exact same now...absolutely beautiful. She always had that "sweet, trusting girl-next-door" look. I could definitely see her as a counselor in the real world. I'm thankful to have had the positive exposure and entertainment as a child (such as "The Babysitters Club") and wish things weren't so geared toward electronics, social networking and computer gaming these days, but who knows...maybe innocence isn't completely lost. Maybe I'm just older and see things in a different light now. Thanks for rejuvenating my childhood for a moment! It was nice to see there are still "fans" out there (if that's still an appropriate word to use for a 28 year old female).