Monday, June 23, 2008

Need Members for a new Baby-Sitters Club RPG

There is a new RPG going on at LiveJournal. The site is Http://
Only members taken are:
Mary Anne
Dawn (me)
Cokie Mason
Cary Retlin
Byron Pike
Anna Stevenson
Alan Gray
Erica Blumberg
Grace Blume
Pete Black
Shawna Riverson

We still need any other character that someone wants to create from the series. The older members are 17 and Seniors and the Younger are 15 and Sophomores.

Create a free account at livejournal relating to your character. and sign up. Also, it's a good idea to have a celebrity or an actual person to have as your picture. (Ex: The girl who I am using to portray as Dawn is Blake Lively from Gossip Girl and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.)bscgirl10 is in charge of it, and just let her know. She's also looking for someone who has some experience in RPG to be a mod.

Edited to change names taken.
Also might add some of the charges to the RPG too if we get enough.


cpennylane said...

I've never done an RPG before. It sounds complicated!

Karen Brewer said...

It seems like all the good characters are already taken. :)

Donica said...

well most of us are fairly new to rpg... I've done Harry Potter but it's been a few years, and most of the ones I was on were on Proboards, where they had the subboards. I think basically you post on the community site, but you also keep your own journal. The community site is where you talk basically in third person, journal is first person. Like "Dawn walked down the hallways of SHS" or something like that for the journal. That's how we did it in HP.

Karen Brewer said...

I'm kind of stuck on how to integrate Cokie in with the rest of them or what to do with her. She can't just antagonize the BSC forever. ;) Maybe when we get more members and characters it will be easier. Or maybe we can have more than one character.

Lauren said...

Found JENNI WINSLOW MOORE She looks lovely. thought you wanted to see what she looked like since that is the first picture I have seen. Her and Jessica Prunell are freinds on Facebook. Now all we need is to find a recent piture of Melissa and we will see what they all look like now.