Thursday, December 18, 2008

OT Happiness that I just feel like sharing


I swore I was going to get a C in Music Lit because for some reason I did a Claudia and just DID NOT test well. Well I got an A on my research paper (because unlike Claudia writing has always been one of my strong suits even though I sometimes go too fast and don't proofread, for example...I look back on some of the blogs I've posted and wince because of the grammar and spelling mistakes.)
i got an A on my piano performance final of Chopin's Prelude in E minor. Last time I tried to play it I'm sure Chopin rolled over in his grade when he heard it.
A in Music Theory and Sight Singing and Ear Training.
I probably overall got a B in piano... because most of the performance grades were B's, but that's okay. I got an A on the performance final and for me that's enough. I'm 100% the rest of the grades were A because it was Voice Lessons and choir, and those are very hard to get less than an A in if you do every concert/performance imaginable.

I just feel like sharing this to the world, because I'm just relieved I can breathe for a few weeks!


Ambitious Blonde said...

Way to go on acing your final! I can relate to angsting about the end of the semster-I was SO sure I tanked my anatomy exam that when I saw the 94 on top of the page I screamed "Oh my God!" and happy danced in front of everyone.

Dignity's overrated anyway. :)

BananaBomb said...


I'm pretty sure my piano teacher cheered when I finally told my mom that I didn't want to take lessons anymore. I don't think I ever got past Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Recap That! said...

Wow! Well done!!

The best I can do is a horrid Hot Cross Buns.