Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something that I always found odd.

Especially now that I Actually WEAR glasses.

Ms. Colman always put her glasses wearers up from so that they could see the board better. With their glasses shouldn't they have been able to see as well as a person who has 20/20 vision? Or even better in some cases, because I knew my eyesight was dwindling for a long time before I actually knew i needed glasses, and was having to sit up front just so I could see better. I'm thrilled now that I DON'T have to sit up front, because the glasses make everything so clearer, and I can see the board from wayyyyyyy in the back row now.

Seriously... I never really got why she made it a that rule the glasses wearers had to sit up front.

Maybe I'm just overthinking it.

anyway, OT, but here's a picture of me with my glasses... the quality sucks, I know...but oh well. I feel about 20 IQ points smarter in them.