Wednesday, December 10, 2008

*Sighing happily*

Snowbound always made me go "wtf" because the BSC weren't that excited about the prospect of snow, when it obviously meant NO SCHOOL if there was enough.

Right now I'm sitting on my bed in South Texas (on the gulf of Mexico, near in the Galveston area) loking out into a night that's covered in whiteness. Living down here I definitely appreciate snow more, because we NEVER GET IT.

Okay, that's an exaggeration. The last time it snowed was on Christmas Day 2004. The time it snowed before that? At least ten years.

I smelled it in the air this afternoon while waiting to go home from school. There was precipitation that definitely wasn't rain. It was sleet, and my hopes for snow were rising.

Growing up in St. Louis, the kids in my neighborhood and I organized snowball fights when it snowed, running around the neighborhood hiding on the little "islands" and attacking each other with balls of the white stuff. I loved snow then, and loved a day off from school. One year we got so much snow that the school district used up all their snow days that they had set aside and had to add on extra days at the end of the year. We didn't get out until Mid June. (That was also the year that they decided to start school in August, so we got a VERY short summer vacation that year)

It baffled me that at the ripe old age of thirteen that the bsc wasn't interested in snow... they seemed more like adults and the snow was more like a nuisance than something to enjoy. You would think especially Claudia who hated school would be thrilled at the idea of a snow day.

of course this was all before the blizzard actually hit..

Snow is such a rarity down here, that people definitely get excited about it. My boss told me that she regretted not letting her kids play in the snow Christmas morning. Now she'll have the chance to let them play in it a little bit before they go to school the next morning. It's not a blizzard by any means, but there are big white flakes, and the deck is covered with snow. If i can manage to scrounge up my mini crappy camera I'll try and get a picture of it tomorrow morning. It should still be cold enough.

I'm on a roll with blog posts this week. Next one though I'm going to try and stick more to the bsc than not helplessly trying to tie my own life to the books :D


Recap That! said...

Wow! Snow! I've never seen snow (well, I have, but I was 3, so I don't remember it). It sounds fun, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm an adult who has lived in Connecticut my whole life and I still get excited over snow. Granted, my job has the awesome policy of 'if you don't feel safe coming in, don't,' but still! It's snow and it's awesome!

Katie said...

First time poster here, also from "The Lou" (still am, actually!). Growing up I loved Snowbound but in reality, so to speak, it was kind of a silly book. And even growing up in StL, we didn't have a ton of snow days, not like, say, Upstate New York.

I still get excited for snow though...despite the fact that I may have to drive in the stuff to get to work.

Donica said...

Hey, fellow St. Louisan!

YOu know I have to ask, it would almost be blasphemous if I didn't... and if you see this...

What high school did you go to?