Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I felt like Kristy today

Seriously. Here I am at school, I'm wearing a nice black top and a white and black skirt, pantyhose, and black dress flats.

It's my only skirt... and I bought the pantyhose two days ago. (along with the top)

I like dressing up every now and then, (and looking cute) but I would rather have had to do the recital (music majors have an opportunity to participate in a recital in December) in a pair of jeans and a nice top. (I do have some cute tops)..but I felt I'd better look presentable and not make a fool out of myself by dressing too shabby.

So now I get to wear this... all day long... and tonight? I get to change into a black dress because we have a choir concert.

At least these shoes are comfortable. There was no way I was going to wear my black heels, no matter how cute they are, all day long.

Oh Kristy how I sympathise with you with not wanting to wear dresses and skirts and all that frou frou stuff. Every now and then is fine, but I'd still rather have worn jeans to school, change into this outfit, and then change back into the jeans... but that's just too much stuff to pack.


BananaBomb said...

I never dress up. If/when I do, I tend to wear trousers or whatever they're called. The last time I wore a skirt was....June of 2007 (it was a wedding). The two weddings I went to this year, I wore capris. The last time I wore an actual dress was when I got married. Wearing skirts requires shaving legs. :(

Donica said...

Ugh, yeah, I hate shaving, and try to do it as little as possible. (I'm single so it's not like I have anyone to show off for), and I don't like wearing shorts much, unless it's to sleep in or something.

Katie said...

Okay, you're from StL and a music major? Same here. Well, was a music major. I'm old now, graduated in 2003. *le sigh*

I love to dress up though...wore prom like dresses to both my junior and senior recitals (though my senior recital was half formal/half casual...so the second half was jeans and hippie like clothes). But, I do recall having to vocal juries and dressing up for those were never fun...having to deal with that on top of other exams? Yuck.