Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Day BSC Challenge: Day 7

Favorite Super Special:

Okay, this one was easy. California Girls was the first BSC book I'd ever read... not counting Karen's Ducklings which was the first BSC-verse book I'd ever read.
I came into the series relatively "late" compared to most of the other people I came across. I stumbled across this book one day in third grade in the school library. Kindergarten-2nd had books in one portion of the school library, 3rd-5th graders had books in the other portion. BSC books were in the older portion. Don't blame me, blame the school. It's okay though, I was bitten by the BSC bug hard and fast that year. So much so that I dressed up as a Stacey/Claudia mix for Halloween in fourth grade.
I have no shame.
Karen's Ducklings got me into the whole BSC universe, but this book was what introduced me really to the older girls, and for that reason alone, there really can't be another favorite Super Special for me. Not to mention it has the BSC winning the lottery, California, beaches, surfing, boys, baby-sitting, tourist sites that I HAD to go see when i went to California twice in fourth grade (once in the fall once the summer after), Mallory getting a horrendous makeover, a BSC fight, movie stars (or TV stars, whatever) and a mini disaster in the form of a car accident. Although the girls freaking out over the Jet Stream at six flags magic mountain had me a bit panicked the first time I went on it because of the 57 foot drop. I got off it wondering what the hell all the fuss had been about.
What more can you wish for?

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