Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Day BSC Challenge: Day 5

Favorite Mystery:

Okay, granted I've only read this book once. (Plan on rereading it very soon, though.) It stands out. I pretty much like the mysteries. My favorite genre is Mystery/Thriller/suspense, whatever, and out of all the mysteries this one stands out because ... it's FREAKY. The culprit is really batshit crazy in a psycho/better watch your back or they'll cut you kind of way. I remember being shocked the first time I read it because it was so unlike any of the other mysteries. I've heard that Kristy and the Cat Burglar is pretty disturbing as well, but have yet to read it.


sarish said...

Two of my favorites...Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade and Kristy and the Cat seems like the creepier ones have Cary Retlin in them. You really should read Kristy and the Cat Burglar. I can send it to you if you'd like to your email. :) I absolutely positively love that one. And you are right - SATHM is a completely crazy mystery which is one of the reasons it is my favorite also. <3

Donica said...

I think I actually have that one on my computer, but just have never gotten around to reading it! I think I've started it but then things came up and never finished.
It's been that way with some of the other books in the series (including the regular books). Have them, just have never read them... or finished reading them.

Anonymous said...

oh, I forgot this is the book that introduces Cary! LOVE Cary. Did you know that Cary Retlin is the name of David Leviathan's real life best friend, and that's why he and all of his real life bros are in the books?