Wednesday, February 22, 2012

100th Post. Day 10. Oops

Wow, I suck at this.
Anyway, Nikki over at Are You There Youth, it's Me Nikki ( since I completely suck at hyperlinks on here) plugged in a nod for this blog a couple of weeks ago, which I just now saw because she said something about it on the BSC Livejournal Group, I realized I really needed to get back to this.
Especially considering she said I didn't update very often. Whoops.
But I appreciate the advertisement. I hope it will garner some attention back to this thing. (insert Dory from Finding Nemo saying just keep posting posting posting...)

Anyway, school and everything kind of kept me busy, and I'm very easily distracted.

So Day 10.

Least Favorite Minor Character.

I'm going to go with Mark Jaffe, Claudia's boyfriend from when she was back in the seventh grade and Josh Rocker from the Friends Forever Books. I can't really remember anything significant about Mark (I REALLY need to go back and reread those books)... and Josh... well, the whole Stacey/Claudia situation wouldn't exactly make him look favorable to anyone in their right mind.

And that wraps up post #100. Been doing this over 3 1/2 years now. Even with all the lapses in time I manage to do about 20-25 posts a year. I guess that's not TOO horrible.

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