Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 11: Favorite Sitting Charge

Okay, took a few days off...or forgot to post...whatever. At least it wasn't three months.

As an OT shoutout kind of thing: If any of you are fans of the TV Show "The Voice" a guy I've known for over 20 years (off and on) was on tonight. He didn't get picked, but man the judges seemed to be kicking their own asses pretty good about it, so that made up for it (a little bit.). Unfortunately, I didn't get home from my night class in time to see the entire thing. I drove home as quickly as i could, ran into the living room, turned on the tv, and there he was.

Apparently people thought he was kind of douchey. Whatever...he's mega confident. You shoulda seen him in middle school. I think most of us thought he was nuts. He'd go around singing all the freaking time.
But, hell, we all have our quirks. I remember one time during our freshman year of high school, during solo ensemble contest, we were hanging out together with another friend just passing time, ...and I think dancing? Or something.

So, that makes the second person I know who made it on a reality show, but didn't quite make it. (Another friend of mine that I know from doing a couple of shows with down in Texas was on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 14. She got eliminated at the very end before the actual competition began. Aimee Beyers.)

So, here's a shoutout, using a picture of us from the third grade music program 19 years ago. Cameron Novack, aka Novackaine.
In case anyone can't figure it out. He's in the black sweatshirt, and yellow guide hat thing behind me.

Anywho,back to the 30 day challenge.

Favorite Sitting Charge: Charlotte Johanssen
Why? Not entirely 100% sure. I loved her relationship with Stacey, and it made me wish even more that I had a little sister. I did have a Stacey/Char type bond with a girl that was a few years younger than me when I was in elementary school. Except that she wasn't really that shy, and wasn't in an extreme need of friends, and I wasn't all cool and sophisticated like Stacey...but whatever. That was kind of a rough age for me, and looking back on it now, I really appreciated her friendship. It's kinda nice when someone looks up to you and thinks you're kind of awesome when your peers and/or yourself don't.
Anyway, I went on to middle school, and she moved (I think to Seattle I heard) halfway through that next year. A couple of years ago when I was randomly looking up old names on the internet of people I had known once in a blue yonder, I stumbled upon a wedding page for her and her then fiance. There's like no one else...a in the country ...or anywhere... with her name. (well, with maiden name.)
She's not on facebook, (at least not publically) though I'm not sure if I would ever contact her if she ever got on. 1. Because it was so long ago, I'm not sure that she'd even remember me, and
2. My 11 year old self somehow never picked up on the fact that she was a Jehovah's Witness and that was why she never celebrated her birthday or other holidays. What little i do know of them, I know that many don't really converse with people that aren't JW..... However, I'd like her to know that as silly as our friendship might seem now, it really did mean a lot to me.

And now I've rambled COMPLETELY OT.
But those are just a couple of reasons that Charlotte is my favorite kid. Sweet, shy, made me wish I had a little sister (though I did pick up lots of surrogates.), and hello childhood flashback.

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