Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just an update.

I know my postings are sporadic at best though I try and get at least 2 or 3 posts a month.

I've been really busy this semester. I went to St. Louis/Illinois (St. Louis area, but was on both sides of the river)at the beginning of Februray for an audition at McKendree University, a tiny private liberal arts uni that's the oldest school in the state of Illinois. It went well and I got an $8000 a year scholarship for four years. The following week I had all state choir in san antonio, and then last month over spring break I went BACK to st. louis and visited friends and fam.

I also had to get the rest of the financial aid going, and just got it in last week, the entire year is covered except for room and board, and that's just a huge relief off my shoulders, because it basically means I'm really going, I just have to figure out the living situation... either come up with the rest of the money to live on campus or find an apartment off campus but in the town (which is really tiny. Stoneybrook sounds like Manhattan in comparison. Small town my foot.)

I have finals coming up in a few weeks, but before that I have a recital I have to give for piano, plus two juries for piano and voice, and a paper due for Music Lit, a choir concert, a huge thing the club I'm in is hosting for Hispanic high school students, and then (maybe) performing at graduation with the choir... and then get to pack up and get back up to STL asap...cause the all star game is there this summer! Yay!! :D

Next month is going to be hectic. But I just wanted to pop in. :)


Sadako said...

Glad to see an update! Always love seeing a new post on your blog.

nikki said...

Congrats on the audition and the $8k scholarship!

Katie said...

Hey there, discovered your blog via other BSC blogs.

Sounds like we have a lot in common...I was a music major in college (vocal), still love the BSC and I'm from/currently reside in St. Louis.

I don't really update my blog (sadly, would love to post some BSC book snark/summaries but haven't had much time) but love to see that someone else enjoys my obsession with the BSC! :)

Congrats on your scholarship, that's very awesome!

Go Cards!