Monday, April 27, 2009

"Dawn" appearance on LJ.

A post came up on the Stupid_Free community on livejournal today that just SCREAMED "Dawn" to me. (at least later, Vegetarian psycho crazy Dawn.)

The girl goes to a Mexican place, orders a Vegetarian Burrito, gets one with meat in it instead, (she finds out after she got home) the place gives her another one, and she wants to know if there's something she can do to BRING JUSTICE TO THIS INCIDENT.

On one of the comments she states: "I am moving on with my life, but now my life has this memory of chewing dead cow against my will."

I'll give you one guess as to where she's from.
Starts with a C and ends with a nia


Jen said...


Wow, how did she manage to figure out after the fact. Anyway I bet this pops up on ^_^

Donica said...

Oh it gets better in the comments. She compares it to a pro life woman getting a morning after pill in her OJ (or someting along those lines. I'm too tired to look up the exact quotes), and then LATER to all the "it happens all the time get over it" quotes, to CHILDREN STARVING IN AFRICA.

I'm not dogging Vegetarians... 99% of the vegetarians on that thread think she's nuts. I absolutely can't stand onions... and 9 times out of 10 i always check to make sure... if it's that 1 time.. .I throw it out and get over it.

Donica said...

um..she compared it to children starving in africa. I fail at clear sentences.

nikki said...

I hate the internet sometimes. It reminds me that we live in a world filled with douchebags.

Sadako said...

Ugh. Did she talk about the horrible-ness of snacking on cow carcassses? Dawn actually said that once and I so rolled my eyes.

Katie said...

Maybe it's just me, but I personally know the taste difference between a veggie burrito and one with meat in it. But, maybe it just had a little bit in it.

Total Dawn moment, and sounds like she's overreacting just like Dawn would. I understand that she's against eating meat, but it's not like she ate something that could affect her health. Like Stacey, if she eats an M&M...:-p