Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Stacey!

Today would be the most popular Baby-sitter's (or so it seems) birthday.

According to my calculations (ooh, a Stacey word), if she was 12 in Fall of 86...

Today she would be 35.


Any ideas of where she'd be at? :)

BTW, when I was ten, I was in Atlanta on Easter, and I TOTALLY remember how cool it was that Stacey's birthday was on EASTER. (April 3, 1994, Easter Sunday.)


Sadako said...

Stacey most popular? Well, it's true. I do love to hate her.

I think I might have to do a Stacey post on my blog in honor of her.

Did any BSC members ever celebrate a birthday? other than MA in Logan likes MA and Kristy in the movie? I guess not b/c that would mean acknowledging that they were aging...and if they're all 13 already then they can't TURN 13 and they can't turn 14...Hm.

Cari said...

Stacey lives in Stamford, is going through her second divorce and has two or three kids. She works as a CPA and buys her clothes from Club Monaco. She also has acrylic nails and drives a silver Mercedes SUV. Once a year she sends a check to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

nikki said...

I was going to make a guess about what Stacey is doing. But Cari beat me to it. With a much more clever comment than I can muster right now.