Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yay! Gadgets!!

I just discovered some of the "newer" gadgets... after wondering how people got the blog updates on the side of their page (I told you I've been very busy lately).
So on the left you can see some of the blogs I try and read on a semi regular basis... and if you comment I usually check to see if you have a blog yourself.

Also added the followers... because I like to know who reads this. I've been pleasantly surprised. I know I haven't been able to be on much, but I LOVE seeing names come up under the comments and thinking "Oh, this person is new!" :) If I know people are checking back regularly or whatever, I'll try and post more often when I have time (and try and think of something to say. :) )

Thanks to all my readers! Whether you comment or not, you guys are awesome.

1 comment:

Recap That! said...

Wow! We read the same blogs! That's awesome! XD