Friday, November 28, 2008

Somewhat OT, but I'm going to tie it into the BSC anyway

Today I went to the mall, I wanted to witness "Black Friday" In action, and while I was there I got my eyes checked for the first time in YEARS. I couldn't remember when the last time I had seen an eye doctor, but I guessed at about ten years.

I've known I needed glasses for awhile...but I wasn't blind, so I never got around to actually going to get my eyes checked, but today I finally went to the walk-in dr.

Turns out I have near sightedness (duh, I knew that when I had to walk up to read the preview channel on the tv) with an astigmatism. Same thing my mother has. My mom was 26 when she got her first pair of glasses... I'm 25... it all ties in. I also have floaters.... (I learned that term from DHC)... but they don't really bother me, and most of the time I don't even really notice them.

I don't have my first pair of glasses yet, going to try and find someplace cheap to get them... and after reading the Baby-Sitters club for years... when I was younger I always wanted a pair of glasses, but my eyesight was too good! I was like Mary Anne in a sense, but I never failed an eye exam on purpose. I'd always wondered what I would like in glasses... and the only pairs I've ever really tried on were way too blurry for me to actually see anything. Soon I'll find out.

And with my reddish dyed hair, I'll look more like Mallory than ever. But hey, I like Mal! I'm most like her and Mary Anne anyway. :)


Recap That! said...

Disturbingly pretty much everything can be linked to the BSC. I just started wearing glasses again this year after not having to for about 6 years. One of mine is lazy or "turning in" (I forget which eye it is). Glasses are fun! You get to forget them, and leave them places... (I'm not wearing mine at the moment; I have no idea where they are)

Today I went on an Amazing Race type thing and got made to eat chicken legs with really hot marinade. My lips were burning for hours after. I think I would've rather gone to the mall.


BananaBomb said...

I've had glasses since first grade, and I got contacts when I was a freshman. I'm super super nearsighted (I can see about four inches in front of my face without help) with astigmatism in my right eye. So I'm not stranger to the eye doctor.

I also identified with Mal when I was younger with the glasses, bookwormy thing goin' on. Who am I kidding--I still do.