Monday, November 24, 2008

Rereading Stacey's Mistake...

And just have one thing to say.


A. Stace? Seriously? This is New York City. And Hard Rock Cafe. I'm sure the wait is much longer than 40 minutes on a weekend.
The wait can be forty minutes at the Olive Garden and Gringo's at the mall on the weekend. Texas City has around 20,000 people.
You do the math.

B. Dawn? You're from the LA area dear. I might be living in the Houston area, but where I'm at is fairly rural. (this is texas).
I've been to Disneyland and all that so I know what the area is like. (Never mind the fact that I was TEN, but come on...Disneyland)
I'm sure a 40 minute wait is nothing on a weekend in your area. Maybe Palo City, but I know you've eaten outside of "that little community"
Heck I'm sure some of the restaurants in Stoneybrook have 40 minute waits on weekends. What else is there to do? :)

By the way. Got my new laptop. I hope to be updating more frequently... if I have ideas of what to post... or just want to say something.
Like I did tonight.

That's all for now.

Edited to fix grammar mistakes because I was going way too fast. Will change if catch anything else.


BananaBomb said...

I agree. We once had a 45 minute wait at the Hard Rock in Minneapolis for cryin' out loud, and it was early evening. I call a WTF here.

BTW, it's good to see you back!

Susan said...

Hooray, you're back!

Katie said...

Dude, believe it or not, the Hard Rock at Union Station in StL sometimes has a 40 minute wait during peak times (Or a Blues game, Cards game, concert, etc).

Stacey and Dawn are silly, and the Stacey I know would have steered them away from the Hard Rock and found a more "New York" place for them to go...