Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ten Rules for Living With My Sister

Ann M. Martin has a new book coming out in September called "Ten Rules for Living with My Sister." She posted a link to the first two chapters on her facebook page, and I immediately went and read them, glad that even though she had ended the Main Street Series (*Tear*), she was still writing.

From the first two chapters I can already draw parallels to the BSC. Some things never change, but that's okay. The book is told from the viewpoint of 9 year old Pearl, who lives in an apartment in New York City with her 13 (going on 14) sister Lexi, (short for Alexandria) her parents, and her cat Bitey. Right off the bat, she goes into a chart of differences of herself and her sister, which include boyfriends (she lists her cat as her boyfriend), friends (poor kid only has one friend who's in first grade), interests (what ELSE would a thirteen year old do other than baby-sit?), and a bunch of other lesser differences.

Lexi has a WIDE range of interests. Listed among them other than baby-sitting is....

She wears lipstick, has a boyfriend and has fashionable clothes. (not to mention her own key to the apartment.)

So looks like Lexi is a combination of Abby/Anna/Mary Anne/Jessi/Stacey.

It actually looks really cute. I would have kept on reading, but there were only 2 chapters.
Another interesting parallel I drew was that Lexi is "practically brilliant".. and Pearl doesn't apply herself academically, but in fact is actually "practically brilliant" as well. Her parents put her in kindergarten early, and she's bitter about it. There's a trio of girls that Lexi makes it sound like they're kind of like Pamela/Jannie/Leslie from BSLS.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, here's the link to the first two chapters:

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