Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BSC TV Show Where Are They Now? UPDATES

I did one of these a long time ago, not long after I started this blog. There were a couple of people missing, because I couldn't find ANYTHING on them. Well, I'm happy to say, I have now found them. (Well, it's been a couple of months since I discovered the last one on FB, I was just too lazy to do anything.)

Because I already feel so stalkerish, i won't post their links to their profiles, but I will say, the majority of these were NOT hard to find, because A), with the exception of one, they all look the same and B) the ones that were a bit harder, were friends with someone else. Also, I think I have a pretty good memory, and if they got married at some point when I was randomly looking people up, I have a tendency to remember their married name as well (if applicable).
Avriel Hillman: (Kristy)
As far as I can tell,, she's done a lot of plays and directing. The most recent thing on IMDB says she was the executive producer of a short called A Doctor's Image in 2010.

Jeni F Winslow (Claudia)

I wish I'd gotten a picture when i first found her profile page (thanks to someone who clued me in on one of the comments on this blog), because it actually showed her entire face, but alas, she's got the bod, so why not.
There's not a whole lot of info on her available. but she lives in New York and is married

Meghan Lahey: (Mary Anne)
Okay, I was gonna use her facebook picture (which would entail all kinds of cropping and it was small to begin with), but I found another one! According to the website I found this on, she's no longer working as a school counselor (at least where she WAS), but still involved in counseling. I'm not really sure. It's too early for me to delve too much into the company info and the company works with schools. Steinbrecher & Partners if you're interested.
Anyway, she's got three kids, and I'm assuming married (because our Mary Anne would never have kids without getting married, am I right?) Two of which are boys.

Jessica Prunell (Stacey)

She's still working as a lawyer at a lawfirm in New York (different one, though.) She's now married and has a son who inherited her dimples.

Meghan Andrews (Mallory)

Still acting, still singing. Nothing much to update on from the previous post, but still flawless looking.

I couldn't find Nicole Leach (Jessi) on facebook. She might not have one, her name might be too common (nor could I find her under the name she goes by now, which is Nicole Rochelle), or I was just too tired and didn't feel like digging very far, and she's not friends with mallory (which she was on myspace)
HOWEVER, I did find this fabulous video of her on youtube. Girl's got talent coming out the wazoo. From what I can tell, she hasn't done much screen work, but she's very active in theatre.

So, who am I missing?
Oh, yes. The ever elusive Melissa Chasse (Dawn.)

Well, here you go.

NOT from her direct facebook page, (most of those pictures were pretty blurry) but found it FROM her page. She's a dancer, choreographer, (high school musicals) and manages a spa in Connecticut. She also has a daughter from what I can tell.
Dawn Schafer managing a health spa? NO WAY.
(Although there was something about chocolate fondue. YUM. Claudia obviously must've had a say in that.)

While I'm at it, a couple of those clients:
Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete/Jackie Rodowsky)

Lives in New York. Adds everyone to his facebook friends (I know. I'm on there, Thanks, Danny!) He studied writing and music, and is in a band. http://www.jounce.org/home/

Gina Gallagher (Charlotte Johanssen)
She had a stint on All My Children as one of the many Bianca Montgomery's in the nineties, then had a brief part in Analyze This.
She's now married and has been working as a teacher, and she lives on Long Island.

The page for the TV show on IMDB has failed me. There are very few other parts that are listed, and except for "Katherine" I've covered them all, so I had to go look for my epic post on the LJ community Howtheylooknow, because I had added an extra few...AND IT WONT LOAD.

Anyway, as a wrap up, here's Karen Brewer's IMDB page.
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1860307/ (Those pictures are old).

OOPS it finally loaded.
Let's have a little Jamie Anderson (Dawn's "Dream boy" aka Shane McDermott)
was in the movie Airborne (which I think I must seriously be missing out on haven't seen) and is now a realtor in Galveston Texas.

Ah, hell, how could I forget Zach Braff in Dawn Saves the Trees who played David Cummings...
I could with the name but I won't.

Okay, I've decided if I find more info on anyone else that appeared, I'll just post and forget the whole Edited to Add crap:

Say hello to Dave Buzotta aka Pete Black:
His IMDB page is somewhat active, and has done a couple of stints the past couple of years appearing in tv shows. Nothing huge, but it looks like he's still acting.

Anyone remember the Goloff's from Dawn and the Haunted House? Brittany Slattery played Annie, the one with the mop of curly blonde hair.
Same as Dave, still doing some acting work here and there, and she went to NYU and majored in film.


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Wow, this is cool!

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Donica said...

Yes, I found them on facebook. Jeni is actually friends with Jessica (Stacey) and Melissa is friends with Meghan (Mary Anne)

Anonymous said...

Found Jeni's profile with new picture. Check it out. You might want to include it in your blog, because you can see her eyes and smile in her new one. :) She seems like she is slightly a party girl, lol. Hope she stays safe :P

sosodeformed said...

There's a lot out there on Nicolle Rochelle, remember to spell her name with two Ls. Here's her Twitter, she lives in France now. @DeuxLDeuxAiles

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I JUST found this!! wow... Dawn... I can't believe it. And Claudia was just SO pretty, I really wish I could see what she looks like now!
thanks so much for sharing!

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Where is Logan now?