Monday, January 12, 2009

Afton Lisette Newton (Aln1982)

To anyone who posts on the Baby-Sitters Club Boards ( or has posted in the past, I have some sad news.

Aln1982 passed away last night night in her sleep. She suffered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (schleroderma) had been sick for quite some time. She was the most prolific poster on the boards with a grand total of 7736 total, but she always added something to the conversation. She was kind to everyone, and never judged someone if they thought or believed something different than her.

She was 26 years old and loved horses, history, American Girl books,Historical fiction American Indian culture, writing among other things that include the baby-sitters club. She was a published author of children's books.

Her illness left her room to write more, and the baby-sitters club board members became like a second family to her. She had given her mom her myspace password a few days ago just so that we could be made aware if something happened to her, which is how we got the news today. She loved the BSC right to her last day, her mom read to her from Winter Vacation yesterday.

We are thinking of doing something in her honor, and greer from stoneybrookite will be contacting the Lisa Libraries to find out if there's anything we can do and to get information. I will pass it along as I get it.

her first horse

Joining Jessi and Mal on her first day of sixth grade

High School grad

on Fausteana

With a National POA award

For more information her website is:

ETA: Her obituary (listed under her name)


BananaBomb said...

How sad. The BSC has lost a great fan.

Linda said...

Thank you for posting this message for my niece, Afton. The last time I talked to Afton, she talked about the BBC board and how much it meant to her when her friends from there sent her a "Get Well" card after Christmas. She cherished all of you and your friendships. I am so thankful she had you as friends.
Thank you so much,
Afton's Aunt Linda