Monday, May 16, 2011

ANM? Really?

Anyone who's floated around in the internet fandom of the Baby-Sitters Club has probably seen people call Ann M. Martin ANM. Whether it be from Tiff's blog (Claudia's Room), or on LiveJournal where there is a BSC community and various snark sites, people are calling the author ANM instead of calling her by her full name, or actually using her real initials... AMM.

Let me just say it plainly and simply.


I can be a bit of a Karen when it comes to spelling. Mistakes happen, sure...and if there's a cute kitty involved, well, I admit I have a soft spot for Lolcats... (because... they're cats. Who knows what they really sound like other than meow? ;) ),but there is something about calling the author ANM that just bugs me. Mistakes happen, but this is obviously intentional.

I know there's some inside joke that I must have missed, but I truly don't get it. I don't see any point at all in changing the middle initial of her name. Is it easier to type? No...because you're adding a different letter, where as before there would only be two. Nor does it have any alliterative sense, as in Kristy's Krushers. To me, it makes the people who do this repeatedly look like they can't tell the difference between an N and an M (which is clearly shown on every single cover of every last one of her books.)

As with those people who always mess up your/you're and their/they're and there, it makes me cringe and I have to bite my tongue (or clench my fingers if you will).

Rant ended.


Cari said...

YES! OMG. I've always wondered if this was some sort of inside joke I just didn't get.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate that. It drove me crazy, but I haven't noticed it so much recently, thank god.

Donica said...

Lol, well, I was downloading an entire batch of ebooks off of the LJ community, and half of the folders were labeled "ANM".
It annoyed me so much I later went back and fixed it.