Saturday, December 12, 2009

Discussing the BSC...

IS anyone else like me and are excited when someone you know in real life who isn't a part of the BSC online community (that you know of at least) just randomly starts talking about the BSC or you find out that they were big fans of the books? I know a lot of people read them, but then there are those who were more than just the average reader who read one every once in awhile.

A friend of mine from Texas, whom I don't know from any BSC communities, randomly posted on facebook that she was discussing the Baby-Sitters club with another friend of hers, and I of course absolutely pounced on it.

I dropped a not so subtle hint that she and the others that posted to that comment about the BSC (One still has over 100 bsc books) should join the BSC proboards community that I've been a part of for 2 1/2 years. (That was how i got reintroduced to the fandom.)

Any similar experiences?


Sadako said...

Yeah one of my best friends whom I met at college one day started talking about it and I was like, you liked it too and became our obsession. We'd buy used BSC books on eBay and our two other suitemates would look at us like we grew two heads. BSC LIVES!!!!

I don't do the BSC proboards or livejournal but I read all the BSC blogs (yours, Tiff's back when she had it, Greer's, and the others), in addition to blogging.

I love the community feel! It's so much fun to know that someone else loves what i love.

nikki said...

Yes! Randomly finding another BSC fan kind of like being all the way across the country and finding someone who grew up in the same town as you. It gives you an instant connection.

I was reintroduced to the fandom when I started reading Tiff's blog about two years ago, and as I investigated more, I was so happy to find a great community!

Sadako said...

And of course, you, too, Nikki, for being one of the few people who doesn't think Richard Spier is creepy and is in fact an awesome dad.

I love when we all say stuff like, "Wasn't Ed McGill skeevy?" "YES!" and the rest of the world is like, "WHO?"

nikki said...

I love you Richie Spier.