Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Think I now know Where the "Logan is Gay" Theories came from


I found a great site today, when I was bored and looking around. It has a bunch of covers...including UK ones that I haven't seen on another site that I'm just now realizing isn't linked on the left side of the page.

Some of the covers with Mary Anne and her short hair are just frightening... Actually the earlier was are just as bad...but it's the ones with her post makeover haircut that got me going "yikes."

Now, for your viewing pleasure...

Mary anne and Camp BSC. Sorry for the blurryness, the UK covers were either hit or miss. Can Mary Anne look any more like a guy? And some creepy kid is hanging off of her.

Mary Anne and Miss Priss.

Mary Anne and the Memory Garden
On What PLANET would a 13 year old boy WANT To go out with a girl who looked like THAT? That's not a bob... That's a boy haircut on a BOY'S face. The face isn't even cute. Maybe he/she would look better with longer hair, but then maybe she'd just look like a drag queen.
No wonder people think Logan's gay

In case your eyes are burning, here's one that's much better.

Covers found at:

Note: Does anyone know how to hyperlink? one word with link behind it?


Ashley said...


Just replace the [ and ]'s with < and >. :)

Ashley said...

I loooove the UK covers. They're so deliciously ugly.

BananaBomb said...

Or, since you're on Blogger, there's a little icon on the page where you're writing your post. It looks like a little planet or a green ball with a chain across it. Highlight the word you want linked, and click on that icon. A box will come up and you can put the URL in it. Voila, a hyperlink!

Anonymous said...

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